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The horse is sore but he is fine and will be okay. He had a nasty cut underneath on his tummy but will live to fight another day. He ran a blinder and from looking like he was only going to be fourth or fifth, fought back to get third, so it was a great performance.

Frank Berry

Like for instance, there's a point where Mary and George are asked to go to Florida with Sam Wainwright and his wife. Very subtly, (Mary) rubs her tummy -- and that night she tells him she's on the nest.

Karolyn Grimes

We had a wide variety of testers who were a wide variety of sizes. So, for some women, it didn't change at all the measurement around their tummy. For others, it took up to two inches off.

Kathleen Huddy

Britney and I show a little tummy and it's like, 'Oh My God.' But N'Sync or Backstreet Boys will do repeated pelvic thrusts to an audience of pre-pubescent girls and nobody says anything!

Christina Aguilera

She is a cat with a sensitive tummy. She only eats dry food.

Lauren Morgens

We looked at four pairs of jeans that all had claims of controlling the tummy area for women. They ranged in price from $70-$80.

Kathleen Huddy