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Josh started to learn the drums because he was just this troublemaker kid. It was really because my parents wanted to calm him down a bit. Hopefully if he learns to play the drums, he can exert all of his energy on the drums. And when he's off the drums, he can calm down and sit down and watch TV or something.

Billy Lunn

Everybody knew my father. He wasn't a troublemaker. My father was working. He didn't bother anybody. We should have spent Christmas with him.

Jose Servellon

I was a born troublemaker and might as well earn a living at it.

Bill Mauldin

The thread of the story is that he was a troublemaker. When he made up his mind that something was not right, he fought it hard.

Nic Buchanan

I was a troublemaker. I would start fights with other kids and disturb class. He's taught me good manners, how to be respectful and not to talk back to my teachers.

Daniel Torres

Didn't have any belief in me. He thought I was a troublemaker. I was a questioner.

Priscilla Barnes