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This project will become the hub of downtown with its easy access to public transportation, new housing and cultural activities.

Paul Marinelli

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At (the Center), we are working at embedding sensor webs in all the key infrastructures of the state: transportation, power, refineries, water, the environment and so on. These applications are growing in number daily and we expect that motes of different sizes, capabilities and power consumption requirements will play a huge role in their future infrastructure.

Shankar Sastry

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The CISD Transportation Department promptly responded to the situation and had buses available immediately to transport students, along with their teachers, to Alice Johnson Junior High. AJJH and Harvey Brown staff organized tables to greet parents and have them sign out their children.

Stephanie Schraeder

This is an important city transportation project that impacts thousands of travelers. We want to get public input - particularly from the residents who live nearby - very early in the design process so we can include their comments in the final design.

Brad Greenberg

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The city is certainly broke and it doesn't have the citizens today or the businesses to afford to rebuild on its own schools and services like transportation.

Matt Fellowes

It takes at least an hour no matter where you're going in Miami-Dade County. That is a really an inefficient use of fuel. We've really got to move forward with public transportation.

Colleen Castille

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This eastern side of the state is doing particularly well. There is a strong history, lots of plants, good transportation and a lot of progressive farmers over here.

Matthew Joyce

We're not going to do the details environmental analysis, but are there any obvious, major pitfalls? A facility like this can tend to influence development patterns. So if that's true does it fit with development patterns and if not does that raise red flags on its feasibility? In other words, how does it fit within the system, not just transportation but the area as a whole?

Paul Mullen

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I think at this point we're waiting for the National Transportation Safety Board report. After that, there's an issue I think regarding the pump on the boat. That may lead to additional defendants.

James Hacker

They missed an opportunity, ... There needs to be more attention to hard realities, like higher gas prices. What can we do to enable a better transportation system? That's where the debate should be, and you hear very little discussion about that. All of us need to get more serious on transportation.

Kevin Mccarty

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I think every single dialysis unit in Florida is affected. Either they can't get to dialysis, or they have to beg somebody for transportation, or they have to pay for transportation, and they have no budget for that.

Juliet Venzara

I think transportation and corrections are not the first two areas that I would go looking for massive change.

William Weld

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We need investment in transportation and investment in people.

Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia

Full year profits will be helped by sustained strong growth in other core sectors like transportation, property development, food & beverage and financial services.

Krishan Balendra

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They pay for your day care and your transportation.

Amanda Jackson

IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation) asked us to make arrangements with a local agency. We would like to use the middle school parking lot from May 31 through Aug. 22, unless we should need a slight extension of time.

Bill Bohnenstiehl

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Across the nation, the demand for energy and transportation fuel is outpacing supply. Florida must act now to protect the state's growing economy and quality of life.

Colleen Castille

Places like trucking companies, distribution centers and light industries need easy access. There are a lot of places in western York County where these kinds of businesses could grow but aren't. This transportation artery might be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Scott Huffmon

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Even people who are lucky enough to get on the list won't have access to all the drugs. The amount of services we're able to provide is just pitiful. We went through a period when the state couldn't give us any money to provide transportation to our rural clients.

Kathie Hiers

The single best, quickest remedy would be for the Surface Transportation Board to have members who were interested in regulating.

Patrick Lavigne

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