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He apparently was overcome by the variety of toxic gases and the oxygen deprivation that likely occurred.

Rusty Gregory

The California Gold Rush left us a tragic legacy. We appreciate state parks' willingness to take action to end Empire's toxic legacy of contaminating our watershed.

Carrie Mcneil

Hazardous materials or toxic materials are a real threat.

Patrick Libbey

[The marital separation may be toxic to more than the couple. Its emotions can spread through a workplace.] Co-workers can take sides, ... That really can mess up an office.

Bill Ferguson

We try to recycle those components because they contain toxic materials that we don't want in the landfill.

Paula Clark

We need better information on survival rates and recruitment rates of mourning doves. But we have to look at the availability and efficiency of non-toxic shot.

Jay Roberson

Generally, (Evergreen) releases them in bursts, like when equipment breaks or (through) other pulp mill problems. And if you're breathing (PM-10s), they can lodge very deeply in the lungs and are absorbed in the blood stream and can have very toxic effects on the body.

Patty Clary

I witnessed him rescuing up to 40 people, ... He was up to his waist in toxic muck.... I'm not going to comment on Sean's trips to Iraq or Iran, but in this case, he was an American hero.

Douglas Brinkley

They said they have no special suits and equipment to battle the thick smoke and toxic fumes from inside the tunnel. They told us they will come back in two days, waiting for the poisonous gas to blow away.

Franco Tito

Other traps say they're non-toxic, but on the back, it says, 'Keep away from children and pets,'.

David Webster

Had the technology to dispose off the toxic ship been cheap and easy, the French themselves would have taken care of the ship instead of giving away the business to India.

Vandana Shiva

Emotions tend to be contagious. Toxic ones leak out into the workplace affecting more than just the person afflicted. It can poison a team, a workplace, an organization.

Peter Frost

The new data adds $100 million to $150 million on top of that projection [that sales would double] because even though there's less efficacy, it's less toxic to heart patients.

Matthew Geller

Unfortunately, this may be one of the last years when the public gets a complete picture of toxic pollution.

Meghan Purvis

We found consistently less than one microgram of accessible lead in these vinyl lunch boxes. That is not a toxic level and it is a low level.

Patti Davis

Since 1990, we've significantly cut toxic emissions and risks in the United States. This tool will help EPA and states refine our understanding and approaches to further reduce air toxics.

Bill Wehrum

So someone came on the floor and said if you can walk you should leave, ... We thought we were in serious trouble. None of us wanted to walk in the water. It looked like a toxic soup. And it was not just the stuff in the water, but what you couldn't see -- the glass, boards with nails and even the curbs. We decided if that's the way out, we'll have to walk through the water.

Royce Osborn

It's extremely benign because you're not adding anything to the body that's toxic.

Bernard Rimland

One out of six women are toxic with mercury. Mercury comes out of coal plants and chlorine plants. I am toxic, I deal with symptoms, children are born with, you know, autism - there is an epidemic in this country. This is like, the air that we breath.

Daphne Zuniga

If needed, we are ready to take back all the toxic waste from Clemenceau to France.

Dominique Girard