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On a long enough timeline. The survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

Chuck Palahniuk

I see no reason why the party will not rally behind that timeline.

Gabriel Claudio

Before the details of the collision start to fade in any human beings' mind with time, we want to see if we can capture their memories while they are still fresh, and get their understanding in their own perceptions and their own words, the details surrounding the accident, timeline leading up to it, everything.

Craig Quigley

Our biggest accomplishment has been to consistently hit timeline commitments.

Andy Agle

You can open scripts created by screenwriting software like Final Draft. You can then audition all the takes for an individual line. When you get the reading you like best, you double click and add that to the timeline.

Tim Wilson

Reviewing the issues regarding the town assessor that were brought to our attention. However, I can't give you a timeline when we will have a report to share.

Jennifer Freeman

With people's attention getting pulled into multiple facets of media, NBCOlympics.com made a smart move to provide users a way to plan their TV viewing experience through interactive listings and options, with highlight videos they can watch on their own timeline.

Jon Gibs

We would have made these changes anyway, but Cabela's caused us to push up the timeline.

Shannon Burns

I thought it was just an ankle sprain but it turns out I have a bone bruise in my heel. At this point there is no timeline on whether I can get back before or after the Olympic break.

Matt Cooke

For the most part, Mr. Reese is making good progress, ... but not on the agreed upon timeline.

Wayne Sorensen

Everything went by the book today. All the commands got up and were implemented right after each other along the timeline that we anticipated.

Thomas Druxbury

The police chief has indicated that this investigation is a top priority. We are working right now to develop a timeline of what happened.

Sherry Llewellyn

While Delores is gone, her friends may also disappear on us for a few weeks or whatever the case is, thereby complicating that timeline further, with us getting hold of them to see if they saw Delores.

Al Fraser

There really is no timeline for something like this.

Tysen Kendig

It takes for as long as it's necessary to select the best one. I don't have a timeline for that.

Gerardo Cardenas

We're weaving our way through a timeline so we don't interfere with the schools. We try to maintain good working relations with the town and the schools.

Frank Poirot

They won't come Monday. We're not really sure about the timeline at this point. We just want to get them back to school as soon as possible.

Ginger East

The largest challenge is just getting out the door on time and coming back in. The tasks themselves are not overly challenging. So, overall, the biggest challenge will be just executing the overall EVA day timeline.

Anna Jarvis

Look what happened in Athens, the timeline, I didn't have a lot of training this year, ... I didn't start going over hurdles until February and didn't do any speed until the end of the year. So I played catchup.

Perdita Felicien

There's not a timeline, and we're working with the Regents, ... But we do have the consultants coming in early November.

Derek Hall