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For Orpheus' lute was strung with poets' sinews, Whose golden touch could soften steel and stones, Make tigers tame, and huge leviathans Forsake unsounded deeps to dance on sands.

William Shakespeare

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[... Cliff Lee (15-4) shut out the Tigers for eight innings, but is it good pitching that has put the Tigers in this tailspin?] I'm not sure about that, ... I think we're doing it to ourselves.

Craig Monroe

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In this case, the country has no choice but to make peace with the communities that share the tiger's home. If not, we will lose the war of conservation, tiger by tiger.

Sunita Narain

With the Giants desperate for a victory, it was an obvious strategy for them to pitch around the Tigers' most potent hitter.

William Kelly

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The perception is that somehow they're paper tigers, and they aren't. Everybody needs to hope the higher seeds hold on and win their tournaments. If Gonzaga had gotten beat the other night, that would have taken up one of the other spots.

Thomas Yeager

In order to achieve that, the Tigers probably want some more military success. There might be a brief period of fighting before any possibility of negotiations resurfaces. Hopefully the fighting, though it may be intense, will be short-lived.

Rohan Edrisinha

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We felt like we were in this thing the whole time. We've got that spirit, that attitude that we are never giving up, that we will not give up until the end. But they (the Tigers) are really good. I couldn't believe how fast they are, up and down the court. They are tall, long, athletic.

Stefon Jackson

Ian (Thorpe) is now in the top three most recognized sports stars in Japan behind Tigers Woods and David Beckham. (But) it is a getting to know you process ... Ian has been to Asia at least 20 times and immersed himself in the culture.

Dave Flaskas

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We have a new middle name. Call us the Lady 'One bad inning' Tigers. Two runs is not hard to pick up. But the third inning -- and that's what it's been all season. The girls know that.

Charlene Reyes

Of course, especially because I had money [coming to me]. I was hoping for them to go to the playoffs, because I wanted a full [playoff] share. Of course, I wanted them to win. Once [the Tigers] were out, I wanted them to win the World Series.

Placido Polanco

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The shooting has taken place in an area frequented by the Tigers.

Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe

There's not a situation that can come up that he hasn't been through and can't give you advice on. It'll be a tremendous loss for the Tigers' organization. These kids listen to him and learn a lot from him.

Tom Brookens

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The JC option is more to keep his options open, whether that means continuing to talk to the Tigers through the coming year, or enter next year's draft rather than wait three years. It's an indicator of how anxious he is to play and get his career going.

Brian Goldberg

I've always been able to control myself. If I go back down and the Tigers find something I have to work on, then hopefully I'll go back and show them that I can do what they want me to do up here.

Justin Verlander

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The international community believes the Tigers are behind the majority of the attacks on security forces.

Helen Olafsdottir

Tiger's a pretty bright guy. He's adjusting. ... We've seen the same light.

Raymond Floyd

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Beating the Auburn Tigers never gets old, even after 27 years. The pressure and the magnitude of this event never ceases to amaze me.

Sarah Patterson

But we won't be putting all our eggs in the one basket as the Tigers are much taller than us right across every position.

Phil Smyth

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Ferrets share lots of things in common with tigers. They're both nocturnal, and they mark their areas with their scent.

Laura Warner

Yes, we talk to the Tigers because they are armed. But they are also proving to be clever in negotiations.

Harry Gunatillake

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