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Success four flights Thursday morning all against twenty one mile wind started from Level with engine power alone speed through air thirty one miles longest 57 second inform Press home Christmas.

Orville Wright

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'This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.'

Douglas Adams

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We got a green light from the Fed last week and we got a green light from the bond market in Thursday. My sense is that over the next three to six weeks the market is going higher. But I would be thinking more in terms of selling rather than buying here.

David Shulman

When the report of a broken line came in, we got it repaired as quickly as we could and now we're purging the system. The interruption in service started around 2 p.m. yesterday (Thursday), and we're still working on some problems as a result of the break.

Flavio Gonzalez

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We have classes on Tuesday and Thursday. They are general in nature so we can include people who have signed up for the business program, even though we don't have a business program yet, there are some people who wanted to get a jump on the program. We have one course on Tuesday night, which is a leadership course and one course on Thursday night, which is an Issues in Professional Ethics course.

Chuck Morton

Imagine if every Thursday your shoes exploded if you tied them the usual way. This happens to us all the time with computers, and nobody thinks of complaining.

Jef Raskin

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I thought that we did pretty well considering we didn't have many people participating because of the vacation and the Spanish trip. That's the problem with a small school. So I didn't really expect much. Under the circumstances I thought we performed well. We're looking forward to the [home] meet this Thursday with Hampton Bays.

Rod Cawley

Sometimes we gamble a little bit too much on defense. Sometimes it pays off. Sometimes it hurts our defense, and the other team can make a play. We didn't have to worry about that (Thursday).

Dominic Crayton

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This is my ninth year to sing with the chorus. I joined after I retired and I certainly enjoy singing with them. Our average age is 72 and we have a great time together. We practice each Thursday from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Our performances begin around the middle of April.

John Douglas

This was a very well-pitched game. We came back from a tough loss (5-4 to Ewing Thursday) and played probably a better game today. It?s all part of learning how to win.

Brian Nice

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The European Central Bank is widely expected to hike rates this Thursday. Cyclical support for the dollar may be starting to soften a little bit.

Robert Sinche

This is a great opportunity for myself and a lot of other young guys who will play Thursday. We're up for the challenge and ready to go out and have fun and showcase what our receivers can do.

Alvis Whitted

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We will be running the Lady Razorback on Thursday, and the Razorback on Friday.

Pat Pope

We played some decent football and the boys were in confident mood today. We also missed several opportunities, which could prove fatal on another day. On Thursday we will be under heavy pressure and the atmosphere will be different, but we must be prepared for that.

Stanimir Stoilov

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We hope he'll be ready for Thursday (at Hawaii). We just don't know yet.

Gus Hauser

We are going into a proper studio on Thursday (August 1 with 192 faders which is a lot of choice a bit like the supermarket and it may all go off before we get to it so we have to eat quick.

Thom Yorke

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Eventually I wouldn't mind getting some local bands or hosting karaoke on Thursday nights.

Anthony Bailey

Lauren had a nice effort today after pitching 11 innings (Thursday) night.

Mark Demboski

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We can't keep taking one step forward and one step back. It's important that we build on what we did (Thursday).

Lon Kruger

The fact that we had to close early on Thursday night, Friday night, put 12,000 people into buildings on Saturday because of tornado warnings, set you back a little bit.

Tim Quigley

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