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Success four flights Thursday morning all against twenty one mile wind started from Level with engine power alone speed through air thirty one miles longest 57 second inform Press home Christmas.

Orville Wright

Today must be a Thursday. I could never get the hang of Thursdays.

Douglas Adams

I was a little more encouraged with Charlie today. Today was kind of a test day. We thought it would be anywhere from play him to scope him on Thursday, but he has responded a lot better than we possibly thought he would when the injury happened.

Carroll Mccray

We got a green light from the Fed last week and we got a green light from the bond market in Thursday. My sense is that over the next three to six weeks the market is going higher. But I would be thinking more in terms of selling rather than buying here.

David Shulman

We had a little bit of a cold front move through (Thursday). Temperatures can swing a bit this time of the year as we're shifting from winter to summer.

Matt Bragaw

We have classes on Tuesday and Thursday. They are general in nature so we can include people who have signed up for the business program, even though we don't have a business program yet, there are some people who wanted to get a jump on the program. We have one course on Tuesday night, which is a leadership course and one course on Thursday night, which is an Issues in Professional Ethics course.

Chuck Morton

I got started last Thursday and I've got over half my corn crop in the ground.

Milton Smith

I thought that we did pretty well considering we didn't have many people participating because of the vacation and the Spanish trip. That's the problem with a small school. So I didn't really expect much. Under the circumstances I thought we performed well. We're looking forward to the [home] meet this Thursday with Hampton Bays.

Rod Cawley

This is my ninth year to sing with the chorus. I joined after I retired and I certainly enjoy singing with them. Our average age is 72 and we have a great time together. We practice each Thursday from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Our performances begin around the middle of April.

John Douglas

The games were on Wednesday and I would drive to St. Catharines, and then drive home to fax Keenan a scouting report. Mike would use it for the practice on Thursday and the game on Friday.

Pierre Mcguire

We want that Friday effect spread Monday through Thursday.

Kathleen Kelley

The European Central Bank is widely expected to hike rates this Thursday. Cyclical support for the dollar may be starting to soften a little bit.

Robert Sinche

Sometime Thursday morning, we heard helicopters outside. Then I heard someone calling my name — 'Williams! Deborah Williams!' — and I knew we were saved. We all started hugging each other, and soldiers started coming in from the roof.

Deborah Williams

We will be running the Lady Razorback on Thursday, and the Razorback on Friday.

Pat Pope

Thursday, I forecast as mostly sunny. It's a much-needed break.

John Farley

We hope he'll be ready for Thursday (at Hawaii). We just don't know yet.

Gus Hauser

[On Thursday night, Close will be presented with the Human Spirit Award by the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation at a glittery dinner in Manhattan. A longtime friend of the] Superman ... a very little drop in the ocean compared to the things he's done.

Glenn Close

Eventually I wouldn't mind getting some local bands or hosting karaoke on Thursday nights.

Anthony Bailey

Honestly, I'm just trying to forget about it. We've got a big game against South Alabama Thursday and that's what I need to be focused on.

Jacob Hazouri

The fact that we had to close early on Thursday night, Friday night, put 12,000 people into buildings on Saturday because of tornado warnings, set you back a little bit.

Tim Quigley