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European Capital immediately understood the investment thesis and acted quickly to complete the transaction. We are impressed with their flexibility and hard work.

Royal Bank

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The average Ph.D. thesis is nothing but a transference of bones from one graveyard to another.

J. Frank Dobie

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We hope this untenable thesis of supposed madness or dementia does not impede the progress of the investigation and the passage of justice, because that would be a global embarrassment.

Carmen Hertz

Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Snaking passenger lines, airport blockades and crying babies will likely prove Northwest's contingency planning inadequate, not to mention our broader investment thesis.

Jamie Baker

The first quarter is a traditionally small quarter but another strong performance by S&P continues to support our thesis and overweight rating.

Steven Barlow

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Students write a 25,000-word thesis to graduate. We emphasize an individual program for learning here, taking into consideration the abilities of each student. The program needs to be rigorous for everyone.

Steve Magee

Our thesis is that children love learning, naturally, but if they're not educated right, they'll come to dislike it. We use a 'classical' model of education which focuses on the love of learning as opposed to just acquiring a body of knowledge.

Kevin Jordan

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My thesis is not we're entering a bear market, we're entering a new kind of market. We're entering a market where the secondary stocks, which have less risks, and unpopular stocks will probably do very well.

Lou Ehrenkrantz

Wal-Mart continues to show strong momentum and operating performance. Its food and apparel sales did well, which fits in with our thesis that Wal-Mart is really taking on the supermarkets. By adding new apparel name brands like Levi's, I think it's in a position to see tremendous success in apparel too.

Bill Dreher

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This is all in keeping with the general thesis that we're in the beginning stages of the economic cycle.

Ozan Akcin

I don't know if college actually changes your viewpoint; it just gives you more depth. There is actually a theory called the reinforcement thesis, which says that people acquire a mental lens or filter at a very young age. As you get older you tend to accept more readily the information that reinforces that view and reject information that contradicts it.

Glenn Antizzo

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We recommend adding to positions on weakness as we expect the share gain and profitability improvement thesis to reaccelerate in 2006.

Scott Coleman

I thought about traveling, but I ended up limiting the scope of my thesis to local resources.

Spencer Scharff

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It fits with my industry thesis that the regional players are going to be marginalized by the national providers and left to take whatever growth is left.

Todd Rethemeier

We're talking an extremely potent poison which, even in minute quantities, is deadly and usually does kill in 48 to 72 hours. So my thesis of the book is that is indeed what happened to them.

Scott Cookman

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The reader should come away convinced from this thesis that you actually did learn something.

Richard Brooks

People who were really slashing third-quarter GDP forecasts might need to rethink. The economy was more resilient than people thought. It supports the thesis that the Fed will raise rates in September at least.

Steve Ricchiuto

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