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European Capital immediately understood the investment thesis and acted quickly to complete the transaction. We are impressed with their flexibility and hard work.

Royal Bank

I completed my senior thesis on the quadratic Zeeman effect in hydrogen.

Burton Richter

The players in this drama of frustration and indignity are not commas or semicolons in a legislative thesis; they are people, human beings, citizens of the United States of America.

Roy Wilkins

We hope this untenable thesis of supposed madness or dementia does not impede the progress of the investigation and the passage of justice, because that would be a global embarrassment.

Carmen Hertz

Melvyn Bragg's central thesis is right and it is one the book festival demonstrates every summer: ideas drive the world forwards and ideas are most beautifully, powerfully and resonantly contained in books.

Catherine Lockerbie

Snaking passenger lines, airport blockades and crying babies will likely prove Northwest's contingency planning inadequate, not to mention our broader investment thesis.

Jamie Baker

The fundamental idea of modern capitalism is not the right of the individual to possess and enjoy what he has earned, but the thesis that the exercise of this right redounds to the general good.

Ralph B. Perry

Students write a 25,000-word thesis to graduate. We emphasize an individual program for learning here, taking into consideration the abilities of each student. The program needs to be rigorous for everyone.

Steve Magee

We have also been consistent in saying that we would have to re-evaluate our investment thesis on Pinnacle if it were to go much above $43, given our concerns about returns on the Las Vegas Strip.

Adam Steinberg

My thesis is not we're entering a bear market, we're entering a new kind of market. We're entering a market where the secondary stocks, which have less risks, and unpopular stocks will probably do very well.

Lou Ehrenkrantz

My whole thesis is that you can't understand America until you understand Appalachia.

Jeff Biggers

This is all in keeping with the general thesis that we're in the beginning stages of the economic cycle.

Ozan Akcin

She wrote her thesis about the form of cancer Eric had.

Linda Klucar's

We recommend adding to positions on weakness as we expect the share gain and profitability improvement thesis to reaccelerate in 2006.

Scott Coleman

The short-term bullish thesis [on Sharper Image] is dead. Long-term holders now have reason to be concerned. Short covering may prop up the stock today, but the fundamentals clamor for far more downside in the days and weeks ahead.

Richard Weinhart

It fits with my industry thesis that the regional players are going to be marginalized by the national providers and left to take whatever growth is left.

Todd Rethemeier

The reader should come away convinced from this thesis that you actually did learn something.

Richard Brooks

I worked out my schedule over the past two years so all I had to complete was a thesis [at the end of senior year].

Nick Hartigan

We've gotten good reports from a variety of companies, supporting the thesis that corporate earnings are going to increase in the double digits this year.

Eric Kuby