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We are behind the curve in keeping up with the global telecommunications revolution.

Mike Hayden

The telecommunications market outlook remains turbulent, ... We continue to see a very significant decrease in the long-haul market in North America.

John Loose

Our new outlook is based on recent customer feedback, which indicates that a meaningful recovery of spending by our telecommunications customers will occur much more slowly than we had previously anticipated.

John Loose

Our hearts and prayers go out to all those who have been affected or have loved ones who were harmed by this terrible storm, ... We understand how important it is for displaced residents and emergency personnel to have access to telecommunications services.

Steve Largent

We decided the time was right in every sense to create a new global company providing components and modules to the telecommunications equipment vendors.

Kevin Kalkhoven

In the current circumstances and based upon the positions taken by U S West Inc. in its press release earlier this afternoon, the major telecommunications company has withdrawn from discussions to acquire Qwest and U S West.

Joseph Nacchio

Primus is the first major telecommunications company in Australia to release a phone service using the internet to the residential market.

Greg Wilson

The economy is recovering just fine. The telecommunications business is still a growth sector.

Keiji Tachikawa

These regions do not enjoy anywhere near the level of telecommunications capability as metropolitan areas.

Ron Flanary

The [telecommunications] carriers are going to use every trick, every gimmick, to delay investment.

Serge Tchuruk

If we take the electricity sector and telecommunications as guides, privatization has meant higher rates, lower quality, less access, and less sovereign control over our public services. CAFTA multiplies those effects, since it brings in the international heavy hitters and the rules they play by.

Alejandra Castillo

We are thrilled to have Ned join our Board. Ned's extensive telecommunications experience and reputation as a change agent will serve ACS well. He has demonstrated operational and financial strengths in multiple industries, including in the Internet market, a very important growth area of the telecommunications industry.

Liane Pelletier

The convergence of broadcasting and telecommunications is the next problem area that we expect.

Ronald Solis

The choices for tapping the regional telecommunications growth are becoming limited recently because of consolidation in most of the countries in the region.

Yasmin Wirjawan

Uncertainties in the telecommunications industry -- such as acquisitions and mergers -- have created several challenges for providers when it comes to raising customer confidence and satisfaction. However, the issue of customer uncertainty can be overcome through the presence of well-informed sales representatives and account executives who are prepared to address customer questions and concerns.

Steve Kirkeby

Even when Lincoln hanged draft dodgers, he made public his deviation from the law and imposed martial law. There is no analogy and no precedent for clandestine surveillance of domestic telecommunications without a court order.

Philip Russell

We'll build up the most progressive telecommunications company here.

Jamie Smith

Miami is a geographical confluence of telecommunications and entrepreneurial forces that have huge impacts throughout Latin America. Our presence here will both propel and augment our research and consulting activities throughout Latin America.

Grant Smith

This acquisition is consistent with our mission to become a major player in the telecommunications industry of the future.

Charles Brewer

There is an incredibly robust telecommunications infrastructure that was initiated due to the Strategic Air Command being positioned here, just south of Omaha. There are a number of national companies with their headquarters here, which would surprise many folks.

Dan Connolly