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We are behind the curve in keeping up with the global telecommunications revolution.

Mike Hayden

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General Dynamics has had a great partnership with the Army for many years, from modernizing telecommunications systems at Army bases worldwide to building communications networks inside the Pentagon. We are pleased that the Army has once again chosen General Dynamics' expert engineers and IT professionals to support its information technology requirements.

Mike Chandler

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Our hearts and prayers go out to all those who have been affected or have loved ones who were harmed by this terrible storm, ... We understand how important it is for displaced residents and emergency personnel to have access to telecommunications services.

Steve Largent

Nokia is the barometer for the whole telecommunications industry. If there is nervousness there, then alarm bells start ringing throughout the business.

Simon Fluendy

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In the current circumstances and based upon the positions taken by U S West Inc. in its press release earlier this afternoon, the major telecommunications company has withdrawn from discussions to acquire Qwest and U S West.

Joseph Nacchio

When BT entered the Japanese market in 1985, our ambition was to become a strong force in the world's second largest telecommunications market, which is worth about $100 billion a year. This deal will allow Japan Telecom to become the number one challenger in Japan.

Sir Peter Bonfield

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Primus is the first major telecommunications company in Australia to release a phone service using the internet to the residential market.

Greg Wilson

It is ironic that these companies claim that Qualcomm's behavior has harmful effects on the mobile telecommunications sector when the facts are completely contrary.

Steve Altman

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The [telecommunications] carriers are going to use every trick, every gimmick, to delay investment.

Serge Tchuruk

Redefining the Telecommunications Industry.

Gary Forsee

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We are thrilled to have Ned join our Board. Ned's extensive telecommunications experience and reputation as a change agent will serve ACS well. He has demonstrated operational and financial strengths in multiple industries, including in the Internet market, a very important growth area of the telecommunications industry.

Liane Pelletier

The common denominators are electrical power and telecommunications.

Peter Neumann

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The choices for tapping the regional telecommunications growth are becoming limited recently because of consolidation in most of the countries in the region.

Yasmin Wirjawan

The bundle is really critical to customers. They really would like to deal with one provider for all their telecommunications needs.

Michael Dunne

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Even when Lincoln hanged draft dodgers, he made public his deviation from the law and imposed martial law. There is no analogy and no precedent for clandestine surveillance of domestic telecommunications without a court order.

Philip Russell

This proposal represents a good starting point in the discussion to update our nation's telecommunications laws. Congress should thoroughly address this proposal.

Roger Cochetti

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Miami is a geographical confluence of telecommunications and entrepreneurial forces that have huge impacts throughout Latin America. Our presence here will both propel and augment our research and consulting activities throughout Latin America.

Grant Smith

Strong global demand for semiconductors is driving our customers to increase and accelerate their year 2000 capital spending for expanded capacity and more advanced technologies, ... We expect increasing demand for semiconductors to continue throughout 2000, driven by the growth of applications in telecommunications Internet-related and consumer products.

James Morgan

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There is an incredibly robust telecommunications infrastructure that was initiated due to the Strategic Air Command being positioned here, just south of Omaha. There are a number of national companies with their headquarters here, which would surprise many folks.

Dan Connolly

The regulatory outcomes are going affect not only Telstra, but it is going to have a knock-on affect into the rest of the telecommunications industry.

David Land

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