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Regard your good name as the richest jewel you can possibly be possessed of - for credit is like fire; when once you have kindled it you may easily preserve it, but if you once extinguish it, you will find it an arduous task to rekindle it again. The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.


It is easy to go down into Hell; night and day, the gates of dark Death stand wide; but to climb back again, to retrace one's steps to the upper air - there's the rub, the task.


It is our task in our time and in our generation to hand down undiminished to those who come after us, as was handed down to us by those who went before, the natural wealth and beauty which is ours.

John F. Kennedy

The true function of a writer is to produce a masterpiece and no other task is of any consequence.

Cyril Connolly

I long to accomplish a great and noble task; but it is my chief duty and joy to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble.

Helen Keller

I loved playing there. I bleed the blue. From a coaching standpoint having to play the No. 2 ranked team on the road is a daunting task. ... I'm excited about the opportunity. I tell these guys all the time these are great opportunities for Stony Brook.

Steve Pikiell

Now that we've accomplished the monumental task of restructuring, our next focus will be on incrementally improving our operations. Going forward we will be challenging ourselves to operate as efficiently as possible, leverage our core strengths and bring customer service to the highest levels of performance.

John Denison

There is a certain amount of cost involved for that level of quality and an effort entailed in keeping that rating. If you jump into that realm, you want to keep it. It's not an easy task to do.

Carl Gronlund

It's a complicated task, ... I think Siebel just made it significantly more complex at a relatively late date.

Josh Greenbaum

What is my task? To get the gospel around the world in the shortest possible time to every man and woman and boy and girl!

Aimee Semple Mcpherson

Task orders are placed only for work that is required in the near term.

Robert Flowers

The members appointed to the Gangland Security Task Force will bring their knowledge and expertise in various fields from counseling to law enforcement. It?s the diversity of the task force that will give us extensive information on the gang infrastructure and allow for the formation of a comprehensive plan to eliminate gangs.

Ronald Rice

We do not yet know how many lives have been lost through exhaustion, war or outright killing. There's no doubt the 60-day deadline ...presents us with really a daunting task. There are huge obstacles.

Sadako Ogata

For this year anyway, without question, the competition was there and the boys were up to the task today. They came back and shot a good number.

Tom Romance

We did two great things this past week - we beat Mullins at home and gained No. 1 status in the region. To me that should've gotten us up to the task of playing Kingstree.

Leon Johnson

Although our contribution is only one aspect of the overall effort, we feel privileged to be a part of rescue and recovery in support of Joint Task Force Katrina.

Michael Carey

Our biggest task was not to be surprised by the work ethic of the New York Rangers because in the past they've been known not to work.

Matt Cooke

The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting goals and achieving them. Even the most tedious chore will become endurable as you parade through each day convinced that every task, no matter how menial or boring, brings you closer to fulfilling your dreams.

Og Mandino

Missing that time and not practicing since right around Christmas, he's very, very rusty. The ability to play him those 16 minutes is going to help us in those next four games. Getting back into the flow of the defense and rebounding will be Monty's most difficult task.

Brian Gregory

The secret of life is to have a task, something you devote your entire life to, something you bring everything to, every minute of the day for the rest of your life. And the most important thing is, it must be something you cannot possibly do.

Henry Moore