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If you're trying to take a roomful of people by surprise, it's a lot easier to hit your targets if you don't yell going through the door.

Lois McMaster Bujold

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It's only the tar sands that prevent the country from making its targets under Kyoto.

Tim Flannery

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Corporate commitments of hard assets, capital, employees, and managers fall short of what is needed to meet revenue targets.

Jim Hemerling

Cabinet noted the sterling work done by the South African Revenue Service in surpassing targets for revenue collection in the financial year just ended.

Joel Netshitenzhe

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They got a sniper rifle with a laser scope and when the targets would come out of a restaurant, they would put the red light on their chest and get various reactions.

Denny Griffin

We have to be concerned with the use of marijuana. It's becoming a political problem. ... One of our targets is to stop marijuana and Ecstasy in the young population.

Viktor Mravcik

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Over the past couple of years, our consulting group was really targeted to increase revenue, but we really couldn't differentiate our service from a partner service. It was just very competitive. We've made the decision as a company to have the business model of our services business be a cost-recovery business and to have our primary targets not about increasing revenue or margin.

Jim Sargent

Pursuing previously announced earnings targets despite the challenging fourth quarter and extremely difficult market conditions.

Heinrich Von Pierer

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If someone is a soldier, he is under the rules of war and needs to be treated as such, ... He [Padilla] is not necessarily a prisoner of war. He's an undeclared combatant , a saboteur ... aiming at civilian targets, and outside the protection of the Geneva Convention.

John Mcginnis

It's important to teach respect for firearms and how to handle them safely. Shooting at targets combines concentration and relaxation, and you're competing against yourself.

Michelle Gates

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Our English learners and Hispanic students, they did not meet their targets, so that's an area where we're doing more work. We're trying to be more strategic, but it's still a matter of time. The students have to have more experience with the language.

Antonio Jimenez

The escalation that has occurred is because (Palestinian Authority President Yasser) Arafat gave a green light to a variety of Palestinian organizations ... to attack Israeli targets.

Dore Gold

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The deceitful proposal that America and its ally Britain are trying to pass in the U.N. Security Council not only targets Iraq, but also other Arab countries and friendly countries that have trade and economic ties with Iraq.

Taha Yassin Ramadan

We look at it as an opportunity to align our people, technology and investments against strategic growth targets.

Trudy Muller

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Better predictive tools will reduce the uncertainties involved in defeating very hard targets and therefore reduce the need for higher-yield weapons to overcome those uncertainties.

Irene Smith

The military has targeted a vulnerable group of young people. We send our children to school to get an education, not to become military targets.

Donna Lieberman

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Since there are no (divestment) targets, there is no quantitative impact on any setback to divestment process though it surely sends a signal that reforms continue to be sluggish as ever.

Abheek Barua

We run a 5-1 offense and Dan is the best setter I've seen thus far in our section. His twin brother and Dan Follett are his favorite targets.

Jeff Beavers

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It is more a change of attitude. Every investment now has to be measured in market terms against targets and expected return rather than alleviation of poverty.

Peter Walker

Thanks to solid underlying performance during the quarter, we are on track with our financial targets and delivering on our commitments.

Gerard Kleisterlee

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