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Surfing is not my strong point. And... I don't really have a tan. I go to the tanning place, the one that sprays you with color.

Lori Loughlin

There was only one other tanning salon. If I didn't open one, somebody else would have.

Ann Long

Tanning salons were often Ma and Pa businesses with one tanning booth that would often not get cleaned and have bulbs that would be half burned out. Planet Beach insists on cleanliness, the best in equipment and we replace our bulbs before they reach 70 percent of their life.

Dennis Kim

My mom told me not to go tanning, but I just want to go, so she said I have to make decisions on my own.

Sarah Skinner

I thought tanning was better for you than the sun.

Heather Schulte

Our review clearly showed that the prevention of both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer needs to begin in childhood. Reduction in childhood sun exposure and tanning will hopefully stem the rise of skin cancer.

Mandeep Kaur

Most of us will skin the animal out and then sell the furs on the fur market just like a trapper would do. Some guys, if they get an especially nice animal, may get a mount done. Some guys are into tanning their own furs.

Scott Banfield

The tanning business is dominated by independents, and many of them are single-store owners. They're not in good locations. They still use handmade signs in the windows.

Steve Berkman

But he had the confidence, singing and dancing ability we were looking for. Last week, he dyed his hair and went to a tanning booth.

Jillian Stones