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There are other places that have basalt. But this is a well-known research lab that had good potential for scientific synergy.

David Beaty

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With the new 2007 Quest, we're staying ahead of the segment, while becoming more accessible to a wider audience. It's a synergy of style and flexibility that is unmatched by any other minivan on the market.

Brad Bradshaw

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In 2005, the market for Network Security solutions surpassed the $1 billion dollar-mark in each and every quarter, eclipsing $4.3 billion for the year. Furthermore, each of the sub-segments Synergy tracks grew in the range of 16 to 55 percent, demonstrating a tremendous year in Network Security infrastructure sales.

Aaron Vance

The purpose of this meeting was to examine the communications and promotional plan for CWC and to see where there could be synergy between CWC planning and sponsor activity.

Marvia Roach

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The extension of I3A's PTP standard by CIPA is an excellent illustration of the value of cooperation between organizations, and across national boundaries. Such synergy benefits our industry as well as our customers.

Lisa Walker

[Also, an acquisition by Medicis could turn the merged companies into a] powerhouse in the facial esthetics market, ... The combined companies will have a lot of synergy and it's a good buy for the long term holder.

Amit Hazan

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I am pleased to welcome David into this leadership position. We have seen a growing need for this synergy, and I'm confident that David is the man to continue moving this department in the right direction.

Jamie Porter

Hybrid Synergy Drive is a core technology that will play a key role in virtually all Toyota models in the years ahead.

Jim Farley

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The controlled chaos is one way to get creativity. The intensity of it, the physical rush, the intimacy created the kind of dialogue that leads to synergy.

Richard Holbrooke

We have rigorous plans to roll out several more hybrid products in the future, like the Camry next year. We're looking to establish Hybrid Synergy Drive as the leading brand.

Cindy Knight

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We constantly talk about how to delegate work on a project and who has more knowledge of a certain property or more synergy with a particular client.

Jag Grewal

There is a synergy effect. CNPC will invest a lot in the infrastructure.

Gideon Lo

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Shoes For Crews became involved in our GT program in 2005, and Synergy Racing is thrilled to be extending that partnership to our DP program in 2006.

Cole Scrogham

You can certainly imagine that there will be a lot of opportunities to generate synergy between the two, ... great quarter.

Thomas Weisel

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It's the only label I have ever really looked at, ... It is always important that there is synergy between designer and house, and he is one of few I feel a link with. I even went to Capri for the weekend and saw the whole lifestyle. I have done my research and feel up to speed with the heritage of the brand.

Matthew Williamson

Successfully adding the popular characters from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' films with the mythology of our classic attraction is an example of Disney synergy and Walt Disney Imagineering at its finest.

Jay Rasulo

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To capture this opportunity, we need breakthrough partnerships and synergy based on mutual trust and understanding.

Somkid Jatusripitak

Is there synergy and productivity or has it got into finger-pointing? If you've got to be hauling the contract out and reading the fine print all the time, then that's going to be a tough way to manage the deal.

Peter Mcadam

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I think there will come a day when people will purchase drivers by ball performance and not the hype or numbers written on the club. Driver true-loft performance is a synergy of factors. Only the ball flight can tell you the true dynamic loft -- and that is a mixed function of measured loft, face angle, center of gravity, moment of inertia top to bottom and face roll.

Tom Stites

Some of the concerns of the nursing students are difficult to see how the merger would create new synergy. Between faculty and increase opportunity for interdisciplinary teaching and research. This would hurt our resources. Our programs are so dissimilar and grants and gift funding are very specific.

Carrie Cunningham

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