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I'm not going to lie. We did those swimsuit shots one by one, and when the girls were coming back saying what they were doing, I was scared. I was shaking the whole time, because that's not me. I'm not a calendar girl. I didn't like getting my picture taken in fourth grade!

Becky Lucidi

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You used to put the skirt on as a cover-up. Now it's part of the swimsuit. It's an updated version.

Heather Hannan

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This is a dream come true. I would always pick up my brother's copy of the swimsuit issue. I always thought that if I ever got into modeling, I would love to make it into Sports Illustrated.

Michelle Lombardo

If you can have Molly Sims, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and a Budweiser on display, I think that should nail us the 21- to 34-year-old. It's ideal.

Tony Ponturo

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And we have painted a skirt on her. Actually, the dress comes off. And she has a swimsuit underneath.

Clem Metz