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I'm not going to lie. We did those swimsuit shots one by one, and when the girls were coming back saying what they were doing, I was scared. I was shaking the whole time, because that's not me. I'm not a calendar girl. I didn't like getting my picture taken in fourth grade!

Becky Lucidi

Sports Illustrated looks for models with the perfect combination of beauty, athleticism and personality for the swimsuit issue. Michelle perfectly embodies what the issue has always been about.

Diane Smith

A young teenage boy might start searching for sports, and end up on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Web site.

Sid Bala

This is a dream come true. I would always pick up my brother's copy of the swimsuit issue. I always thought that if I ever got into modeling, I would love to make it into Sports Illustrated.

Michelle Lombardo

Coming from the modeling industry I have to exercise a lot, but I do enjoy it... I don't want to put my swimsuit on if I'm not fit.

Brooke Burke

And we have painted a skirt on her. Actually, the dress comes off. And she has a swimsuit underneath.

Clem Metz