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22 swat quotes follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

It was obvious he couldn't see clearly when he came out the door, but he raised his firearm quickly and was able to fire one shot in the direction of the SWAT team members.

Scott Dover

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To date, with all of the interviews that we've done and the evidence that we have in our possession, nothing would indicate anything other than that the deputies and the SWAT members on the scene, the school board members, the teachers, the (school resource officer), the security officer all thought it was a real weapon.

Joyce Dawley

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The SWAT team is very important because it can make or break a win. If they are cheering and taunting the other team, they can break down the other team psychologically while boosting our morale.

Katie Davis

Because of a lack of funding, officers trained in SWAT are also trained in canine and how to deal with gangs.

Jerome A. Jackson

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They (SWAT) surrounded the house and fired flash grenades into the courtyard. He came out with his hands up and we took him into custody.

Shelly Williams

We've got a crisis intervention team that comes in and this is comprised of professional psychologists, counselors from throughout the community that come in like a SWAT team, if you will, to help with all the emotional issues being dealt with.

Hugh Caumartin

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We have SWAT units at that location. We haven't verified that the carjacking was related to this crime (the Jewish Center shooting) but if it was, this could be a major break.

David Kalish

I really think people at Swat would love to experience what we experienced [in New Orleans] as well. When you really get to be a part of their lives and try to bring hope to something so hopeless, and you see that there's still life there, you just get a good experience for so many different reasons.

Marissa Davis

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It was like a SWAT team.

Chris Bouley

I was the last person he talked to other than the SWAT guy. I've been thinking about that the whole weekend.

Maurice Cotey

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The resident set the house on fire. A SWAT team fired a less-than-lethal beanbag round, causing him to surrender.

Loretta Jones

Unfortunately you can go into any T-shirt shop and get SWAT printed on it.

Vance Mitchell

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We are not allowed and are unwilling to kick anybody out. The theatre is available for student-run productions and the sentiment at Swat is that these are just as important as any other event, regardless of how much money it costs.

Martyna Pospieszalska

Management has been parachuted in that has not understood the fundamentals of the business, ... You need to bring in one person with a small SWAT team.

Gene Gillespie

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