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It was obvious he couldn't see clearly when he came out the door, but he raised his firearm quickly and was able to fire one shot in the direction of the SWAT team members.

Scott Dover

He was on his back. I don't think he ever saw where the puck was. He just made a swat at it. That's why he's one of the premiere players in the league. He makes plays like that.

Jean Paul Marat

All I saw were police vehicles. There had to be at least 25 of them. They had canine units here and what looked like a SWAT team _ body armor, automatic weapons with night scopes and a helicopter hovering overhead.

John Langenbacher

The SWAT team is very important because it can make or break a win. If they are cheering and taunting the other team, they can break down the other team psychologically while boosting our morale.

Katie Davis

They (SWAT) surrounded the house and fired flash grenades into the courtyard. He came out with his hands up and we took him into custody.

Shelly Williams

The one fortunate thing in this very tragic situation is that when it was happening, there were two officers from our SWAT unit just a block away, so they got here quite fast and were able to evacuate people from the scene.

John Timoney

SWAT is called out as a last resort in these situations. Firing is a last resort.

Hugh Graf

We have SWAT units at that location. We haven't verified that the carjacking was related to this crime (the Jewish Center shooting) but if it was, this could be a major break.

David Kalish

He was very despondent, upset during the conversation. At times, he talked of suicide. He also talked about making the SWAT team kill him.

Don Aaron

It was like a SWAT team.

Chris Bouley

The SWAT team members needed as much information as possible. I don't think that happened.

Mark Nation

The resident set the house on fire. A SWAT team fired a less-than-lethal beanbag round, causing him to surrender.

Loretta Jones

SWAT negotiators talked to him about an hour.

Tom Streicher

We are not allowed and are unwilling to kick anybody out. The theatre is available for student-run productions and the sentiment at Swat is that these are just as important as any other event, regardless of how much money it costs.

Martyna Pospieszalska

They're clearly providing a service and a marketing function to the investment-banking side of the business, ... You're not going to win a lot of business by saying 'When you come out, I'm going to take a swat at you and make you look like garbage.' .

Mike Thompson