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The freshmen played great. They soaked up everything around them and took time to evaluate the other team. They played with a lot of swagger and hunger.

Shawn Rychcik

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He is a glorified gutter rat from a dying New Jersey town who walks with an easy swagger that is part residual stage presence, part boardwalk braggadocio.

Jay Cocks

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I'm always described as 'cocksure' or 'with a swagger,' and that bears no resemblance to who I feel like inside. I feel plagued by insecurity.

Ben Affleck

More than anything, we got a little swagger back up front. I think everybody can count on us and believe in us more. You're only as good as your last performance and we capped it off with 10 wins.

Kyle Tatum

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The one thing we've been able to develop in this program is a little swagger.

Tim O'shea

It's a big challenge for us. We have a lot to prove, not just to Nashville but, really, to ourselves. We've got to get back our confidence and our little swagger. Shoot, this game could put us back into first place.

John Dutton

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The swagger is gone from this White House.

Charlie Cook

New Mexico ended up punching us in the mouth but our guys didn't collapse. Every week it's just gotten better and better. Nobody has been satisfied. Going into Howard there is just a confidence and swagger about us.

Hector Rodriguez

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We've been together for a while, so the team chemistry is there. As soon as we beat Clyde-Savannah, everything really picked up. We got a swagger, a confidence.

Tony Jackson

That was huge. Richard had a little bit of his swagger back tonight.

Rick Stansbury

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He looked honestly just too cool. He just had way too much swagger to play [Chris].

Ali Leroi

We have to come out and play with some swagger, some aggressiveness. It just seems like sometimes we get down. It seems like we lose it a little bit after a couple of mistakes.

Brad Boyer

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There's definitely a little bit of a swagger.

Dave Boitz

The confidence of Patrick is sky-high right now. To come back from that interception and drive down and respond and put points on the board – we didn't do that last year. This year, there's a different swagger. He came in the huddle: 'Let's go guys. Let's put some points up.' ... Last year, after a turnover, we probably went backward.

Clinton Portis

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The coaching staff has got these players believing in themselves. They're walking with a little swagger. They would jump off a bridge for [Taylor] right now.

Mark Cole

That loss took away a lot of the swagger that we had coming into the new year.

Jay Graham

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Until we regain a defensive swagger we are going to continue to struggle. It's a mystery to me why we have lost our confidence to play defensive with intensity. Letting another team shoot nearly 60 percent from the field is a tragedy.

Cary Thompson

We wanted to win the conference, and even though we didn't do that we still have a lot to prove. We're heading up there with a swagger.

Quinton Young

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I feel very good that our girls are going to show up and play tuesday night. I think they have a little bit of a swagger to them right now. They aren't cocky, but they are confident.

Shane Nobles

Now, we can have some swagger in these late-inning games because we have done it before. We have a reference point.

Dave Roberts

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