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Shouting about how he did not want his future children to be eating sushi and fancy French food - he wanted proper American food and he wanted a wife who could do her own cooking.

Renee Zellweger

I remember my second night. I got my first taste of sushi. It was revolting. We kind of jumped right into the cultural experience.

Carolyn Lund

You can't go anywhere without having a sushi bar. I think it's right behind McDonald's.

Sang Woo

The parents sat at the tables and Nancy babysat all the kids at the sushi bar.

Frank Welch

We have talked. We are going to have dinner in mid week. Wednesday night, I am taking Brian to the best sushi restaurant in Palm Springs.

Arn Tellem

I know them by their rave names, Deacon and Sushi. They're both total sweethearts, they loved to party, loved the rave scene.

Amy Williams

If I can live in Japan for 10 years, learn how to speak Japanese and learn a different culture and eat all the sushi I ate, I can do just about anything. It'll be a challenge but at the same time, a great experience. Whatever happens, happens. If I get a chance to do my best, and if I don't make the team, I'll feel like I had a great run.

Tuffy Rhodes

Sushi is not really about flavor as much as texture. Everything is usually made bite-size so you can eat it in one bite, which is more proper.

Tim Hoffman

I went to Japan as a 4-H international exchange student last year and had sushi there and loved it. The seaweed (used to roll the sushi) has lots of vitamins and minerals.

Caitlin Davis

My wife designed the whole restaurant herself. We wanted it to be different than other sushi places -- and most of all, convenient.

Keun Choi

He has a great mind for sushi and comes with 10 years' experience. He is studying all the time on how to prepare sushi.

Keun Choi

Money is tight. I'm seeing a lot less sushi this year than I've seen in a long time.

Joan Steinberg

It was beautiful here, and the people were so nice. Even the food was more like home, with the rice and the sushi.

Luis Avila

Fifteen years ago, people were making jokes about sushi being bait, and now, in parts of L.A. -- not in Japanese neighborhoods at all, especially on the West side -- it seems like there's a little sushi bar in almost every mini-mall.

Russ Parsons

There are a couple of Japan teams out there that are really looking good, ... I love sushi.

Carl Pavano

A child or a woman eating even one 2-ounce sushi order with the amounts of mercury found in some of the tuna we tested could exceed what the FDA considers safe.

Eli Saddler