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One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn't do.

Henry Ford

Since that guy from L.A. (Oscar Robles) hit that pitch that bounced (earlier this month off Rob Tejeda), nothing surprises me anymore.

Jon Lieber

We'll be more careful now. There will be more surprises. Greece has proved the teams that are considered underdogs here are well-organized too. The Portuguese have shown us how not to play.

Tomas Rosicky

We don't expect any major surprises.

Marty Allen

The market had a nice correction from its all-time high and seems to be back on track. Results so far have been pretty decent and market does not expect any negative surprises.

Ketan Jhaveri

We always assumed he was coming here. When we found out, it was like, 'Wow!' But nothing surprises me anymore. It's a business.

Hugh Douglas

Being that the 2006 season is just around the corner, we didn't want to issue any major surprises to the 305 teams. We want to cooperate with Fremont Speedway on rules to help keep costs down.

Rex Lejeune

It's clear why Michael wants this one per cent. There have always been surprises in Formula One.

Willi Weber

I still remembered about how to play basketball. (Friday) was tough, I'll have to admit it. But you have to respect coach's decision. Nothing surprises me anymore, so I am trying to be focused.

Vladimir Radmanovic

This year's figures hold no surprises. Widespread use of illegal sites, made easier with the growth of broadband access in the major markets, is affecting an industry that is also having to compete with increased sales of other entertainment formats such as DVD films and new video game consoles.

Jay Berman

The continuing selling by overseas investors set the weak tone in the market. When the GDP didn't provide any surprises, you would hardly expect people to buy stocks.

Masayuki Kubota

Hopefully, we'll have some surprises for them. You're dealing with two master coaches and there's always something up the sleeve with Tab.

Dillon Boucher

The new element of exiling players to a deserted island where they have an opportunity to work independently to win immunity may present many surprises about who can outlast the rest. We based our odds on the personalities of the past winners and our assessment of the new contestants - but with new game design, the profile of the winner could change significantly, making this anyone's game.

Peter Childs

Ainge is seeing the field really, really well. It surprises me how well he's seeing it right now. He's seeing things I don't see.

Randy Sanders

I encourage students to really research each of the schools. The bottom line is that they really need to research and look at the entire package. There might be some surprises, and some strategies they will like. In this case, the student is the consumer. The ball is in their court.

Geri Federico

I knew it would be like this. They were going to get some wins, and we were going to get some wins. We had some surprises and some letdowns, but the one constant was that I knew it was going to be a hard-fought match, (and) that it was going to come down to the end.

Terry Manning

The numbers were OK, but there were no surprises for the upside and we are seeing profit taking after the run up we saw earlier this week.

Michael Steib

We've had a couple of good surprises. I had a couple players step up and show good aggression. They have a lot of desire on the squad. They have a willingness to learn.

Roy Jorgenson

AOL was a little light on the top line but made it up on the cost line. There were no surprises based on what we heard on Jan. 7.

Robert Martin

Converting them to new standards ... often involves a pretty stiff budget and a few surprises along the way.

Jim Hettinger