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Creative powers can just as easily turn out to be destructive. It rests solely with the moral personality whether they apply themselves to good things or to bad. And if this is lacking, no teacher can supply it or take its place.

Carl Jung

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One cool judgment is worth a thousand hasty councils. The thing is to supply light and not heat.

Woodrow Wilson

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People didn't become aware of the need to save water until the 2002 drought. Before the drought, the idea was that we had an unlimited supply.

Jim Bolton

[Rita] could have a significant impact on supply and prices -- this really is a national disaster.

Bill Greehey

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Supply is coming back and people are beginning to feel more confident about oil futures.

John Wooden

Furthermore, there is always the fear that one more building boom will be the straw that breaks the camel's back. We remind investors that the cruise sectors maintained for many years that new supply would create demand until it didn't in 2000-2003.

Steve Kent

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Some modest further increase in the policy interest rate would be required to keep aggregate supply and demand in balance and inflation on target.

David Dodge

The National Guard does the heavy lifting of the supplies. We simply cook and supply people with their needs. It's efficient and serves the immediate neighborhood.

George Jenkins

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Companies are regaining pricing power, and they are beginning to pass manufacturing and labor costs to retail prices. Japan's economy has picked up momentum since early last year, and the gap between supply and demand has narrowed.

Ryutaro Kono

We respect the right of Native American tribes to operate commercial enterprises, and the right of licensed distributors to supply them with legal products. But in conducting commerce with non-Native American consumers, everyone in the supply chain should play by the same rules, including collecting state and local taxes.

James Calvin

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Japan is unique in the sense that there is a very large number of semiconductor companies that supply a significant amount of their product internally.

Mike Splinter

Given the fact that prices of perishable foods already started to rise and an imbalance in supply-and-demand continued to narrow thanks to economic growth, the fall in GDP deflator will be smaller in January-March.

Tatsushi Shikano

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The market is showing signs of upward buying and is really extending gains from last week. The focus is on the supply disruption, primarily out of Nigeria.

Victor Shum

Has wielded a considerable supply-side stick, which accounts for the administration's aggressive tax cutting.

Jude Wanniski

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What you're seeing is the natural evolution of an industry. The office supply superstores started about 10 years ago, [and] grew very rapidly early on.

Patrick Mccormick

[Pipeline repairs are] a good first step to helping us resolve the supply shortage, ... But I think we've still got several more days to go before they get (the fuel flow) up to a percentage that will allow us to fuel most of our convenience stores and get adequate gas supplies back into them.

David Bunch

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As we have seen with oil and gas, the supply side impairment itself automatically puts upward pressure on prices. Simultaneously stimulating demand would only exacerbate those price pressures.

Anthony Santomero

The supply of folklore remedies for hangover is virtually limitless. The best way to contend with hangover is not to get one, by practicing abstinence or moderation.

David L. Katz

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A national food supply requires a national approach to food safety. This is what this common-sense legislation would require.

Melissa Carlson

The county needs to look at everything in a regional context. You diminish your water supply. You jam up the roads. It will turn into suburbia.

Joanne Davis

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