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In its most recent statements, the Financial Supervisory Commission has resorted to accusing UMC employees of insider trading, and I hope that this reckless behavior will end with my resignation before it causes excessive damage to the credibility of the government.

Robert Tsao

We need to connect the computers directly to the data, so the human beings don't have to be the I/O channel, and elevate the role of the human being to a more supervisory role.

David Tennenhouse

A mature and complete supervisory system is needed by every society, but such a system is not fully established yet in China.

Wang Weizhong

Almost everyone in the kitchen has worked in a restaurant or been to cooking school, ... One person started as a dishwasher and now cooks and is in a supervisory position.

Alex Levine

The company is well positioned and the operations are okay. The management board and supervisory board were in agreement that this would be the best thing for the company.

Thomas Froehlich