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There is no supervision at all, and the army just stews in its own juice.

Alexander Golts

These people have committed no crime, but there is no supervision of the way they are being held.

Irene Khan

The relationships that people have - that are sexual, psychological, emotional - these relationships are not open to supervision by parents, schools, churches, or government. Nobody has any right to intervene at all in any kind of relationship like that.

Madalyn Murray O'hair

Today, under the supervision of the agency, research activities will resume.

Gholam Hossein Elham

Under normal circumstances, those talks could have violated antitrust provisions. Those kinds of discussions can occur under the supervision of the commission.

David Sandman

The prosecuting organs also enhanced supervision on illegally prolonged custody. Thanks to the joint efforts made by the prosecuting organs and other judicial organs, the number of unlawfully extended custody cases had dropped to 271 in 2005 from 4,947 in 2004.

Jia Chunwang

She has served her time and will not be on parole or any other type of supervision by our agency.

Mike Viesca

What I would do is use intensive supervision, mandatory treatment and periodic polygraph testing to see if they are in fact complying with the terms of their release - and in the really high-risk cases, I would use the GPS monitoring.

John Lafond

A Moscow City Court judge refused to open supervision proceedings under our complaint.

Genrikh Padva

In today's environment where you have to have supervision, it's beneficial to add elements of street soccer like extended periods of play without interruption into your practices. Coaches need to create an environment that helps the youth player navigate through the game.

Bob Jenkins

My impressions are that the board has decided that they can do what they want to without input from the membership, that they feel like they're under no supervision otherwise (and) that they're free to do whatever they want to.

David Griffith

People are being freed who shouldn't be. While supervision starts off pretty tight, it becomes more lax.

Ann Widdecombe

Iran pursues its nuclear research activities in the framework of the International Atomic Energy Agency regulations and under the supervision of the agency. So there is no reason for challenging Iran's rights in the field of nuclear fuel.

Hossein Entezami

They don't get to go outside [work outside the prison fences without constant supervision ] anymore.

Dina Tyler

It is getting free from tedious affairs in order to serve more as a body that conducts guidance and supervision.

Tang Min

High schools are responsible for providing a great deal of supervision and monitoring of student-safety issues. Colleges are a much more open, free environment.

William Mays

We have lots of kids elbow-to-elbow around a computer. We want to build on that and give them gentle supervision.

Charlyn Canada

The department believes we have carefully considered advantages and disadvantages to consolidating child welfare service offices in West Hawaii. We have assessed that relocation and consolidation is necessary to improve the supervision and management of the staff and enhance the highest quality of service to provide to the families.

Amy Tsark

It ends up being a lot of kids who have supervision problems. Their goal is to just do stupid things. They're not out here selling crack cocaine or stolen property.

Doug Simmons

The perceived conduct of Vision House owner Michael O'Sullivan is counterproductive for offenders under community supervision, so I must relocate this small group to more appropriate housing.

Amy Wright