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Maturity is the ability to do a job whether or not you are supervised, to carry money without spending it and to bear an injustice without wanting to get even.

Ann Landers

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Maturity is: The ability to stick with a job until it's finished; The ability to do a job without being supervised; The ability to carry money without spending it; and The ability to bear an injustice without wanting to get even.

Abigail Van Buren

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Now that I'm at school, Braden has been taking care of the business, and he'll take it over as his supervised agricultural experience.

Adam Bormann

Long term care doesn't just mean hospitalization. It must also include supervised housing, sheltered workshops, access to outpatient care, all of the things necessary to avoid a recurrence of the factors that precipitated the initial suicide attempt.

Dr. Ole Thienhaus

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We have searches of all the gates. They are very controlled. We have security officers supervised by police officers who do the searches. We know for a fact that this weapon did not enter the fairgrounds.

Robert Craft

If I could turn back the clock and change the system, I would beg the courts to ensure that court-ordered, medicated, mentally ill patients receive their medication by supervised injection.

Renee Deberg

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We're not supervised. We're sort of allowed, like an independent filmmaker, to do what we want. You don't get that freedom anywhere else. And this is the only studio outside of Disney, when Walt Disney ran it, where an artist runs the whole place. Here, it's John Lasseter, and that trickles down.

Andrew Stanton

A really good sitter is one who can engage the children in a fun and safe way. I don't worry about [them] having all the toys put away or the dishes cleared. I want the kids happy and safe and directly supervised by the sitter.

Leah Crowley

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I was elected by the people of Cambodia in elections that were supervised and organized by the United Nations.

Prince Norodom Ranariddh

If we don't provide activities which are supervised, the kids are going to be looking for things to do and find things we don't want them to do.

Percy Williamson

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We have never agreed to have a supervised meeting or visit a place where we cannot have full access to all detainees.

Leila Zerrougui

Some come with training wheels, and it is well-supervised.

Susan Kreiner

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For them to say anything about how these children were supervised is disingenuous and insulting, because they have no idea how these children were supervised.

Sim Osborn

It makes me a little concerned because the only visitation they should be having is supervised visitation and if they're showing up at a foster home, that obviously to us was unannounced. That makes me a little concerned as to what's going to happen in the future, you know, if they're going to start showing up at schools and stuff like that. I find that real concerning.

Erich Dumbeck

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