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It's his team and I love being a part of it. I do what I do, which is go out every night and try to do my best. If I'm not scoring I'm doing other things. There's no egos here. All sports are like that. He's the superstar and deservedly so.

Shawn Williams

I told the girls this is the first team that has played as a true team since I've been at Pallotti. There's no one real superstar. Everybody has off games and the rest of the team picked it up.

Debbie Skelly

We didn't win because we had one kid that was a superstar. We won because we had a lot of good swimmers. That's how you do it in this sport.

Larry Swim

He's a typical North Attleboro student-athlete, a kid who has gotten better and better every year. He's not a superstar athlete, but a hard worker.

Wayne Griffin

The average pastor gets this (superstar) model and most of us sense our inadequacies. We think, 'I can't cut it unless I get some help from these guys.' I think that's the biggest thing.

Bill Whittaker

That?s our superstar, that?s our franchise player. His greatest asset is when the ball is in his hands. When he gets back, we?re gonna let him be Allen Iverson.

Kevin Ollie

We're just pretty solid. We don't have a superstar, but five to six real solid guys.

Louis Benevides

There are, I think, three countries left in the world where I can go and I'm not as well-known as I am here. I'm a pretty big star, folks -- I don't have to tell you. Superstar, I guess you could say.

Bruce Willis

We wanted to say Michael was a superstar, but he really wasn't.

Brandon Nelson

I guess there's more to team pursuit than having one superstar on the team like [American] Chad Hedrick. It's really about how efficient you are as a team, and that's where we are very, very strong. We all communicate very well and we're all friends. It's awesome.

Arne Dankers

I wouldn't get confused on the lack of superstar names. That doesn't mean they lack in talent. It doesn't mean they lack in heart. When I look around, instead of being suspect, I think the pitching is plentiful. I've seen a lot of good arms in camp.

Scott Sullivan

They have no superstar. You just have to go out there and play them straight up. You have to play good team defense. Our team has to maintain focus and stay within the team defense concept.

Tom Halbmaier

The fact that fans are so fickle...with a superstar, you've got to bend the rules for him.

Will Younghouse

He was the first superstar of sports television.

Dick Enberg

The house represents the transition from being an unknown singer to a superstar.

Mike Freeman

Steven Smith is just a superstar. He's the total package.

Danny Nee

They have two superstars in Wiggins and Smith. We have to force the big two into taking tough shots and not let anyone else be a superstar. They are too good and too deep in stay in one defense. We have to mix some things up.

Lindsay Gottlieb

Prove to me that you're no foolWalk across my swimming pool. (Jesus Christ Superstar 1970 - Herod's song).

Tim Rice

We have a really good team. We don't have a superstar . . . but we have 15 solid guys.

Matt Phillips

She's considered a superstar. She's doing just fine.

Shelli Merritt