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When lip service to some mysterious deity permits bestiality on Wednesday and absolution on Sunday, cash me out.

Frank Sinatra

I'm not a bad guy! I work hard, and I love my kids. So why should I spend half my Sunday hearing about how I'm going to Hell?

Matt Groening

Walter told me as long as I kept scoring goals and kept up my level of performance I had nothing to worry about. Fortunately I managed to score a couple of goals against Motherwell last weekend and another one against Inverness on Sunday so that was a decent response.

Jonny Lee Miller

As I have said before, every time we open our doors, it's a miracle. Well, I can tell you that opening our doors this time was the biggest miracle of all. We recognize that some things are still not exactly the way we want them, but with a little patience, understanding, and sacrifice, we will get through this challenge. You have to go through Good Friday to get to Easter Sunday.

Norman Francis

Nobody was able to move all day Sunday.

Sean Graskey

They've got bigger issues to deal with. We're in a tough situation because we don't want to pressure them either. We'll probably find out Sunday night, just like everyone else.

Michael Mccartney

We got one on Sunday and we gotta get after it.

Theresa Grentz

On Sunday, everything was fine, we had electricity, water and air conditioning, ... On Monday, we lost electricity. By Tuesday the water was coming in through the holes in the roof, the electricity and air conditioning were off and toilets were beginning to back up. People were getting frustrated.

Jack Stephens

People should really just kind of stay in and wait out the storm, if at all possible. The roads will be snow-covered and treacherous. Visibility could be down to a quarter-mile for three hours or more during the heaviest snow late Saturday night and in the early morning hours Sunday.

Brian Ciemnecki

Today was an important day because largely because Sunday is going to be 36 holes. This golf course is tough enough to play when you've got 18 in front of you, but 36 is obviously a very long day.

Charles Howell Iii

It's against the law to go out on Sunday from the end of June until Labor Day. It forces the fishermen to spend some time with their families.

Anne Miller

We're just considering it like a regular weekend. We're playing it Friday-Saturday-Sunday.

Brian Jeroloman

The Town Plate looks an ideal race for him, and he has won on the track as a restricted horse – from memory he carried 59.5kg that day and that's the sort of weight I expect him to get on Sunday.

Mark Mason

According to our flight schedule the earliest we can get to Asmara is on Sunday night. We hope we can be allowed to play next Tuesday.

Philip Omondi

The first title is the most difficult one. So once you get it, you feel happy. I remember it was a tough match, five sets against Canas, a great fighter. I was really happy at the time. Hopefully, I can feel the same now here on Sunday.

Feliciano Lopez

Hopefully how the US did tonight will hype up everyone else and it will improve for tomorrow and Sunday. We'll see what happens.

Ryan Lochte

A big pie in the face of investors will be Tyco, whose numbers are in shambles. Tyco's numbers when they come out will have a bigger impact on the market. It will make EDS look like Sunday school.

Marc Cohodes

It's an honor to be around and experience the atmosphere. I was prepared to drive home until (Sunday) when I was told about this. I think it's a bonus.

Mike Esposito

I'll be without nine internationals on Sunday, but I'm trying to bring opportunity and structure and get players to play for their country.

Paul Turner

We told the guys they'll wake up Sunday morning and it's a new day. I just hope we can get our focus back.

Jim Finlen