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Suicidal glory is the luxury of the irresponsible. We're not giving up. We're waiting for a better opportunity to win.

Lois McMaster Bujold

We'll have to just leave it up to the rider not to do anything suicidal.

Neal Mclaughlin

I've been depressed. I've had suicidal thoughts. I realize I'm not really full-on there because I never could plan it. But the fact of the matter is, there is a way out, there is help.

Mariel Hemingway

There are thousands of documented cases where Taser systems were successfully deployed by officers confronted with dangerous or deadly force situations by extremely violent, emotionally disturbed or suicidal subjects.

Steve Tuttle

But if he is on the brink of extinction, he certainly may take suicidal steps involving the launching of a few missiles against Israel.

Amos Gilad

It is called the Question, Persuade, Refer (Q.P.R.) program. It teaches people how to deal with suicide when encountering a situation, how to respond to people who are suicidal and how to refer them to help.

Kathleen Johnson

A new warning (on suicidal thoughts) could further add to pressure on the product.

David Moskowitz

The military junta has no respect for civilians and returning to Myanmar will be suicidal. So we will continue our hunger strike.

Thwang Hu

The last straw would be when I told them that I had been having suicidal thoughts, ... But once again, I was the one who wanted to get help; I initiated it.

Stephen Hopkins

What's good about this is it was motivated by the students. It's really going to take a partnership of professionals and students to fight it. Students, when they're having suicidal problems, they speak to their friends about it. It's very difficult for professionals to break into that inner circle.

Jeremy Jaramillo

This whole incident was started by a deranged individual who was suicidal.

Randy Adams

Most of our clients are suicidal, psychotic, bipolar, schizophrenic or sex offenders. They make an income of less than $3,000 a year and have been kicked off welfare. They need medicine, but cannot afford it. Many have been abused or in prison and have been addicted to crack and alcohol.

Connie Wilson

Hemingway invited him to Havana for some weekends and the movie is really about what happens when he goes there. It's a thriller, it's a love story, it's Hemingway as he falls apart and is suicidal. This guy was a witness to it all.

Roger Donaldson

(T)he possibility of lawsuits has apparently caused a number of schools to institute harsh policies that essentially expel students who are suspected of being suicidal.

Karen Bower

It's simple things that if people stopped and read the labels it would prevent exposure. A fair amount are accidental exposures, things that could have been preventable. But a fair number are suicidal intent.

Tammy Noble

The warped ideology that led 19 fanatics to lead a suicidal attack is still unfortunately with us. Our nation rejects their ideology of hatred and death.

Scott Garrett

These are steps that could not have happened even two years ago. It would have been unthinkable, suicidal for us even to try them.

Dan Gillerman

We are getting more and more referrals for children who are extremely psychotic, who are suicidal, (have) a lot of cutting behaviors, and are very challenging.

Sandy Bryant

The paper is a little bit corrective for what they call this 'moral panic' around the claim that antidepressants can facilitate suicidal ideation or behavior. It's a judicious attempt to try to stabilize the debate, and really address what the empirical evidence really demonstrates.

Dr. Jon A. Shaw

There have been times when I felt suicidal and I would stop my head from going in that direction of negativity because I thought there'd be something I'd miss that was funny in the future. If there's a chance I'm going to laugh tomorrow then want to live to experience that.

Dave Navarro