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19 sturgeon quotes follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

A seagull perched on the railing of one of the boats in the Mothball Fleet probably knows as much about the sturgeon population as Fish & Game.

Keith Fraser

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The Russian caviar industry, their sturgeon fishery has been exploited. It wasn't monitored correctly, and it's pretty well collapsed. So the world caviar demand has come to North America for our sturgeon and paddlefish.

Denny Weiss

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There have been some sturgeon caught in the Chehalis, but the water is somewhat dirty.

Scott Barbour

Governments need to fully implement the measures that they have agreed to ensure that the exploitation of sturgeon stocks is commercially and environmentally sustainable over the long term.

Willem Wijnstekers

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We are evaluating the community and possible options we may have to further invest in Sturgeon Bay, but at this point we have no immediate plans. I'd like to reiterate we are proud of the store we have there. We like serving our customers in that area. But some of the discussions (by anti-Wal-Mart protesters) are premature.

Roderick Scott

The decline in sturgeon populations around the world is leading to pressures for poaching in this country. Caviar is very valuable. It's easy to smuggle. It's like drugs.

Lisa Speer

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We're hoping that additional findings on how the two populations move and interact can further inform the listing of these fish populations in order to bring the management of the green sturgeon into regulatory consistency.

Dan Erickson

Oh, my God, there are so many sturgeon, We popped off the largest fish I've ever had on my rod. It was hooked for about five minutes before the line snapped.

Keith Fraser

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After many months of careful review, consideration and discussion of the best available scientific information and more than 4,000 public comments, I am confident that listing the Alabama sturgeon as endangered is the right decision.

Sam Hamilton

A seagull perched on the railing of a ship at the Mothball Fleet probably knows as much about the sturgeon population as the Department of Fish and Game and any of the so-called experts on sturgeon. We've had the best sturgeon fishing here than anytime the last 20 years.

Keith Fraser

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Sturgeon have been in dire straits for some time and it has been clear that something drastic had to be done to stop the rampant trade in illegal caviar.

Dr Susan Lieberman

Everything suggests that the white sturgeon population in the Lower Columbia River is stable. That, in turn, provides for a stable fishery.

Brad James

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