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A seagull perched on the railing of one of the boats in the Mothball Fleet probably knows as much about the sturgeon population as Fish & Game.

Keith Fraser

They'd stop the trucks at Sturgeon Bay and not permit them to come up here.

John Jensen

We came into tonight with our focus on winning the meet. You always set your goal high, and we took that to heart. But Sturgeon Bay and Whitefish Bay are just too dominant.

Derrick O'donnell

There have been some sturgeon caught in the Chehalis, but the water is somewhat dirty.

Scott Barbour

(Fish and Game) do the same thing each survey but conditions change. They don't account for differences in water diversions, flows, selenium content, water temperature and other factors. Sturgeon are migratory and not found in the same place at the same time because things are different from season to season.

Barry Canevaro

We are evaluating the community and possible options we may have to further invest in Sturgeon Bay, but at this point we have no immediate plans. I'd like to reiterate we are proud of the store we have there. We like serving our customers in that area. But some of the discussions (by anti-Wal-Mart protesters) are premature.

Roderick Scott

This could call into question every study ever done with sturgeon ages. I may be able to go back and adjust ages and get true mortality rates for the past 60 years. Because we know how many were harvested each year, we'll be able to know how many die from natural causes every year and how that changes over time.

Ron Bruch

We're hoping that additional findings on how the two populations move and interact can further inform the listing of these fish populations in order to bring the management of the green sturgeon into regulatory consistency.

Dan Erickson

Green sturgeon are on the brink of extinction, and we have a moral obligation to ensure that this ancient creature survives for future generations to enjoy.

Brent Plater

After many months of careful review, consideration and discussion of the best available scientific information and more than 4,000 public comments, I am confident that listing the Alabama sturgeon as endangered is the right decision.

Sam Hamilton

Very few bass, lots of sturgeon. It has been the best sturgeon winter in many years. But weather is so crappy you can't always fish for them.

Keith Fraser

Sturgeon have been in dire straits for some time and it has been clear that something drastic had to be done to stop the rampant trade in illegal caviar.

Dr Susan Lieberman

The beluga sturgeon, one of the most valuable and threatened fishes in the world, greatly deserves this chance for survival, but it will be a long road to recovery.

Ellen Pikitch