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Based upon the satellite data we have received from Hawkeye and the results from our first well, we believe we have selected an extremely desirable location for our second well. We are still in the testing phase of our initial well after our fracture stimulation treatment in February 2006.

Kevan Casey

When we first arrived, it was large groups of people in large areas with no stimulation. By the time we left, it had become a town.

Laurie Smith

There's so much market stimulation right now that we don't have to worry about cutting into each others' passengers. It's an exploding market.

Athar Khan

The first three years of life are incredibly important. We know now that babies are really in desperate need of stimulation.

Julie Clark

Part of it is driven by low interest rates, part of it is stimulation by governments to get people to start spending more.

Todd Martin

She has a lot of social stimulation and she loves music, so she has singing activities, ... She's safe and well-cared for - I know that.

Jennifer Gray

The doctors said that more stimulation from familiar noises and sounds may help, so they're just going to have to handle it.

Brent Nelson

(Coming) will improve (students') lives and the lives of others around them. (He's) someone that can add that kind of stimulation to the environment here.

Larry Crowe

I don't suppose we could have asked for better than Disneyland and southern California, ... They'll have mental and physical stimulation as well as proper care and a nice climate.

Bruce Friedrich

The making of an Atheist implies a mental stimulation and training which brings into play the primary factors of social progress.

Joseph Mccabe

Alone you have to deal with stuff on your own ... understand your physical and mental capabilities. Running with a group gives mental stimulation.

Bill Buffum

It wasn't just that they wanted to be around them. It seemed to be particularly relevant to the sexual interaction, the stimulation they would receive.

Fay Guarraci

It's a matter of handling that animal's needs, exercise (and) mental stimulation. If they're a dog that chews a lot, you need to provide them with appropriate things to chew.

Stephanie Shain

This stimulation is similar to the way the nervous system normally increases heart function when triggered by emotional or exercise stress, or in diseases such as heart failure.

David Kass

I enjoy going to see what gives me both emotional and intellectual stimulation.

Malcolm Rogers

Freedom of speech is a fundamental cornerstone of a democratic society, but at the same time, responsible media can contribute to the stimulation of dialogue and mutual respect.

Karel De Gucht