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Based upon the satellite data we have received from Hawkeye and the results from our first well, we believe we have selected an extremely desirable location for our second well. We are still in the testing phase of our initial well after our fracture stimulation treatment in February 2006.

Kevan Casey

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When we added sulfate to the aquifer, we saw virtually immediate stimulation of benzene removal. The bacteria oxidized benzene and produced carbon dioxide, which is not harmful to the environment.

Derek Lovley

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The first three years of life are incredibly important. We know now that babies are really in desperate need of stimulation.

Julie Clark

I thrive on constant stimulation artistically, whether it's listening to music, seeing art, or whatever. I try to inspire myself because the urban world and politics are quite draining.

Samantha Morton

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She has a lot of social stimulation and she loves music, so she has singing activities, ... She's safe and well-cared for - I know that.

Jennifer Gray

Through the skin you have to use much higher currents, which can cause significant discomfort to the patient, and the skin actually limits the total amount of stimulation that can be achieved.

Paul White

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(Coming) will improve (students') lives and the lives of others around them. (He's) someone that can add that kind of stimulation to the environment here.

Larry Crowe

You can certainly be an artist anywhere, ... But it's helpful to live in a community that has a consciousness of the arts and a desire for visual stimulation.

Amy Fisher

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The making of an Atheist implies a mental stimulation and training which brings into play the primary factors of social progress.

Joseph Mccabe

A team that has character doesn't need stimulation.

Tom Landry

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It wasn't just that they wanted to be around them. It seemed to be particularly relevant to the sexual interaction, the stimulation they would receive.

Fay Guarraci

I just remember that disturbing feeling of walking into that prison, the complete loss of privacy, the complete loss of stimulation, dignity.

Cybill Shepherd

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This stimulation is similar to the way the nervous system normally increases heart function when triggered by emotional or exercise stress, or in diseases such as heart failure.

David Kass

Cowell gave me an enormous amount of 'how to' knowledge, including how to write a serial piece before I went to Schoenberg. Also an immense stimulation about world music. He was an absolutely fascinating man, because of his knowledge not only of world music but also of how to do different things.

Lou Harrison

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Freedom of speech is a fundamental cornerstone of a democratic society, but at the same time, responsible media can contribute to the stimulation of dialogue and mutual respect.

Karel De Gucht