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The secrets of success are a good wife and a steady job. My wife told me.

Howard Nemerov

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Slow and steady wins the race, then wastes no time grinding salt-caked glass in your open wounds.

Randy K. Milholland

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We're in the range between 50 and 55 (in the ISM index) where the Fed often holds interest rates steady, and with Hurricane Katrina likely impacting the economy, particularly in the South, in September, we may see the Fed hold policy steady for a while until policy-makers can assess the full impact of the hurricane.

Gary Thayer

There is a continuous, steady climb from 2005.

John Poisal

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When things go wrong, most teams flip into another mode, where Old Dominion is always the same. I don't think other teams in this league are that bad; I just don't think they're as steady. Teams in this league can be really good and they can be really bad. Old Dominion is never bad.

Debbie Taylor

Annette is another steady player who gives us depth in the middle of our singles order.

Steve Borden

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He would go out every day and cut some wood. Arlie was absolutely an outdoorsman. When I think of Arlie, I think of a quiet, steady guy you can always depend on.

Mike Sletto

In Asia, we see growth remaining steady and fast.

David Hensley

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We've been fairly steady over all the years.

Mason Malmuth

We realized that if we wanted to make this a little more steady, we needed to find a singer. And that's when Karan came into the picture, and that's what made it click in our own brains -- OK, maybe this is a real group.

Seamus Egan

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The steady demand for our product in the face of fare increases indicates that the market currently is less price-sensitive that it has been in the past. It also tells us that we are hitting the mark in delivering customer value.

Bill Ayer

It's not a big roaring bull market. It's just a slow but steady climb towards resistance in terms of the Nasdaq. We could get up to 4,400 or 4,600 by the end of the quarter. In terms of the Dow, we're getting closer to resistance and we're in the zone. Maybe we can go up another couple of hundred points.

Richard Suttmeier

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It has been a steady stream today, both at headquarters, at the help-now number (1 800 HELP-NOW) and our chapter sites around the country.

Ryland Dodge

At training camp, we had to decide what kind of player he should be. Should he just shoot the puck, or should he be a steady defenseman who could do other things? He's got to do more than shoot the puck to play at this level. He had to learn that. He's still not nearly out of the woods, but he's made progress in the games he's played.

Trent Yawney

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I played a really steady match and just wore him down. By the end of the match, he could barely stand up.

Sam Jonas

Coming off a fairly steady rate environment in 2004, these are very modest interest rate increases for the level of economic growth we are expecting.

Doug Duncan

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The flow here has been nice and steady.

Ann Hall

My round was just steady today. I hit every green and gave myself a lot of chances.

Heather Bowie

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The way the East Valley is growing, I foresee a continued steady increase over the next several years here.

Carol Olson

We saw a steady parade of deals.

Robert Bach

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