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It appears that you are scared of the reaction from Muslims, while you were not concerned about the offending Christians when you screened Jerry Springer - the Opera. This is a case of double standards.

Peter Arnold

Accreditation recognizes a museum's commitment to excellence and the high professional standards of operation. This excellence is achieved through an ongoing process of learning and improvement.

Kathy Roberts

This agreement sets new standards in scale, reach and imagination within our respective industries.


Why should any parent be satisfied with their child just meeting the standards when, properly nurtured and cultivated, that child can so far exceed them?

Scott Nelson

Right now, everything is in place for the competition to really begin. In the past, manufacturers were tinkering with standards and technology, but now that they have that all figured out, the race has begun.

Ted Schadler

I think the message one would hope the mayor would take away from this is that he is not the sole arbiter of standards in public life, that an elected official can nevertheless go beyond what is acceptable.

Jon Benjamin

The two planes were on the outer edges of getting closer than our separation standards allow, but this has not been determined yet.

Tony Molinaro

They have quite a ways to come to meet standards, but they can.

Jerry Buendel

I'm tired, fed up with trying to fit into somebody else's standards.

David Burke

Consumers no longer have to pick amongst the competing alphabet soup of home network standards.

Jim Allen

Progress Energy has long been recognized as a leader in the areas of corporate governance, transparency, board independence and accountability. We believe these proposals are consistent with those same high standards.

Bob Mcgehee

We need to be ruthless, finish it off and put them out of their misery. If we play to the standards we set I'm confident we can.

Dave Nosworthy

Last year I had what I considered a bad game by my standards, ... But it wasn't a horrible game like everybody thinks… He can spin without stopping. He never stops moving his feet.

Jonathan Ogden

Generally, the companies that go for white box servers are smaller in size and not overly concerned about the standards they are keeping. With our larger clients, standards are very important, and that is hard to control in a white box environment.

David Hall

Stricter standards applied to those who influence impressionable young people.

Robin Oakley

The conservancy supports land trusts being held to the highest standards. Land conservation is a maturing field and there are many land trusts being created every year, and it behooves us to operate in a professional manner.

David Shields

We've always had a policy of qualifying and buying the very best technology that we can put in our systems. We intend to continue to buy disk drives from IBM, contingent on their ability to meet our standards.

Mark Fredrickson

Now, with those games out of the way, we want to keep watching these players when they return to their clubs and make sure they maintain the standards we expect and that they don't allow bad habits to creep in.

Brian Turner

He wasn't behaving up to standards that meet our ethical code. He was engaging in behavior that was unbecoming of an officer.

Andrea Dean

Late night television is ready for someone like me... standards have gone to an all-time low.

Howard Stern