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The $64 question is will they (drop their sponsorship) and I don't know -- I haven't asked them.

Tom Hamilton

The sponsorship dollars just weren't there.

Michael Schmand

[And there are other options to the banner ad.] Forbes seems to be making money through sponsorship instead of banner ads -- they seem to be having success by thinking outside the box, literally in this case, ... The other whole area is making deals with the big portals where you buy exclusivity on certain amounts of pages. But it's very expensive.

Barry Parr

A sponsorship is on line and we will not let it down.

Jeremy Duxbury

We've hit a home run with this sponsorship. The teams love it, the communities love it and our clients and employees love it. So we decided to go for a triple play and extend this sponsorship through 2009. The Principal Family Fun Fest is a great way to bring wholesome, family-oriented entertainment to the communities where our clients and employees live.

Dan Houston

With this, BCCI has become the world's most valued brand in sponsorship revenues.

Lalit Modi

It is common knowledge that much of the success for this event comes from John's ability to approach local businesses and corporations for sponsorship.

Thomas Briggs

E2V also creates a new type of sponsorship opportunity for leading companies tired of the old methods. We believe that over the course of the year, event organizers of E2V-covered events will find attendance numbers increasing. Our product will help shape networking in the local business community and bring balance to executives' schedules.

Scott Stephens

The Mercury sponsorship gives us the ability to support our independent film community and the films themselves to the best of our ability.

Mark Cuban

There will be no Toyota-branded teams or cars. Teams will bring their own sponsorship and we will provide only technical support.

Dave Illingworth

We wanted a position at a level of sponsorship, expenditure and exposure with the team that first of all was available to us here and was not available at Ferrari.

Peter Bamford

Our goal is for our programs to move to the next level. (Having a sponsorship deal) allows us to do things that we wouldn't be allowed to do – like travel more. Everybody has to take care of the financial aspect.

Jerrod Fleury

NASCAR fans know that without sponsorship, there would be no racing, ... They know that by buying Domino's Pizza , they're supporting the sport and the team.

Patricia Baker

As the advertising world becomes more cluttered, it makes a difference for them to stand out and really connect with the consumers. Sponsorship in the arts is a way to connect with the customers on more of an emotional and visceral level.

Lance Helgeson

We are looking for a more lasting relationship with our sponsors. We are involved in negotiations with a marketing company for outsourcing sponsorship to assist us.

David Gilbert

The deal just came about. We've been working on it for a while. We're very pleased that DIRECTV recognized the sport by sponsoring a Nextel Cup event. We're more than happy that they chose Martinsville because it's their first entry into a Nextel Cup sponsorship.

Clay Campbell

Among the key terms we bargained for in the 2002-2006 FIFA World Cup sponsorship negotiation was the right to obtain future FIFA World Cup sponsorship opportunities.

Noah Hanft

We have a lot of experience in sports complex sponsorship throughout our footprint, and we see value in those ... it's a good way to enter the market.

Jay Ellison

This sponsorship reflects our company's history of supporting community programs and initiatives, as well as our commitment and connection to the Hispanic community.

Randy Smith

Sure, all the kids in town mean the economics we're talking about are at the lower end rather than the higher end. But let's not kid ourselves - there's a huge corporate presence here, a lot of sponsorship dollars. Just look at all the private parties.

Michael Goldberg