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40 spectator quotes follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

It is the spectator, and not life, that art really mirrors.

Oscar Wilde

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His name is synonymous with Southern California, making him a perfect fit to get the state of California's largest spectator event under way.

Gillian Zucker

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The idea, basically, is for there to be a glow hovering high over the head of the spectator, and it's way beyond where you can reach, and you don't fully understand where it's coming from. It creates a very solemn effect.

Charles Brownell

We use the spectator feeling to it which is two tones, butter and bone and two types of blues.

Alessandra Taddei

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Dany was Dany tonight. He was flying. He had the one-timer going. I was just a spectator tonight.

Jason Spezza

What an awesome team, ... Our team's running so great. I am deep in the Funny Car battle, and I'm just a spectator over there. It's just fun to watch. It's so much fun to be a part of it.

Tony Schumacher

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It's very festive and upbeat. You can be a spectator or you can play.

Lizz Harmon

When a spectator comes to watch, they leave energized, in a better mood. And it's not by accident the Russian circus has always been the best. Russians are themselves brave and merry people.


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The Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Collector Car Event is the East Coast's premier automotive lifestyle event where anyone can be a player instead of a side line spectator. Sales rose this year by approximately the same amount as our total sales just two years ago. We once again demonstrated the strength of the car collecting hobby.

Craig Jackson

I'm bitter that out of nine games, I'm pretty much a spectator, ... If I can't pitch here, then let me pitch somewhere else.

Ray King

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This is definitely a fun spectator event. The entire race can be seen from the Sunlight Sun Deck.

John Seaberry

Even if you are not the active type, you can be a spectator. There really is something for everyone to do, especially the kids.

Jackie Broussard

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I would like to be a spectator today, but they gave me a t-shirt and they gave me some sticks and I'll probably get in there one play, but I'm not a player.

Dennis Banks

This is a great spectator course. People can view the entire race, which is really different from most cross country courses where the runners are in and out of trails and wooded areas. It makes for a much more interested and enthusiastic crowd.

John Barrymore

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I think the game has an enormous spectator appeal that dwarfs all American sports because it is so international.

Lamar Hunt

It's an honor not only to be featured in such a well-respected publication as Southern Living, but also to be a recipient of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence once again.

Chris Russell

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For a spectator this was a great game to watch. You could tell they had the momentum, then we had it and then they had it. It was a very, very close match. I feel fortunate, but I'm glad we came out on top because it was anybody's game.

Guy Virgilio

It was very Armani-like. The spectator-style accessories, modernized with leather and fabric, could become a true signature.

Tom Julian

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This is a rough story for journalists to cover because your journalism textbook has to take a back seat to your moral compass, and the coverage is visceral because of this. When people beg Chris Lawrence for help, they're forcing him to be not just a spectator but a reluctant leader.

Matthew Felling

(The draw) presents us with new challenges against attractive teams, both on the professional level and in terms of spectator interest, where our fans will be able to see players of the highest caliber in Europe.

Dror Kashtan

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