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I think Spanish media will continue to increase because of the large Spanish[-speaking] population in our country. It's a smart thing to do in the business world today.

Victor Lopez

I'll give it my best shot, but if I don't make it, I'll keep playing hard. This has been a good experience. I came to Mexico not even speaking any Spanish, and to play in this Series, against all these players, has been great.

Ray Sadler

I am not talking about us introducing our own protectionist measures - that would be disastrous - but I would like to see Mr Blair publicly asking for explanations from his Spanish counterpart about how he justifies protecting local industry.

Sir Digby Jones

I would regularly hear from blue-collar workers who feared losing their jobs because they didn't speak Spanish.

Chip Rogers

Reggaeton is the first Spanish-language genre that Mexicans like, Caribbeans like it and South Americans like it.

Alfredo Alonso

We speak the ebonics of Spanish. The first things we learned were the numbers and cuss words.

Andrew C. Roberts

There is not that big of a difference actually. We cook the same way, our skin color matches, and nobody can recognize who is Indian or Mexican. Usually, when I go to stores, everybody starts speaking Spanish to me.

Manjit Singh

You've got a very large share of the population living not in stereotypical neighborhoods where all the signs are in Spanish. There are still a lot living in densely Hispanic neighborhoods, but there are more who are scattered all over the landscape.

Roberto Suro

The Spanish liked cacao very much and they added water to it, also, plus other condiments, including cinnamon, cane sugar and cloves.

Paul Gepts

If you can only offer one section of Spanish V it makes scheduling difficult.

Jim Payne

Brain dead? You can't be brain dead to play baseball, because you always have to adjust. Latin players, they're smart. I have friends all over the world, Spanish friends and English-speaking friends. They don't care. If you're good, you're good.

Tony Oliva

A Moment of War: A Memoir of the Spanish Civil War.

Laurie Lee

After five years, we thought, 'Shouldn't we go the other way around and first reach out to people whose first music and language is Spanish?' ... We are taking a 180 degree change of route.

Gabriel Abaroa

You would teach them English, and they'd teach you Spanish.

Stephanie Evans

We have a really excellent collection. I've been told that we have the best Spanish language collection of any library in the state. But that was a couple of years ago and some have probably caught up with us.

Carole Winkleblack

So it's something that becomes part of their everyday life, very similar to walking down the street with somebody and talking in Spanish.

Jim Wolfgang

In addition to extensive familiarity with complex coverage issues, I speak fluent Spanish, often an advantage in finding out what really happened. We are looking forward to handling an increasing number of claims out of the Long Beach office, particularly cargo and trucking liability claims.

Juan Avila

I've been teaching 22 years, and I've never been to Spain. I'm from a Spanish-speaking country, but Spain is very important.

Ilse Hartung

We will do everything in our power to ensure that Spain's energy companies remain Spanish. The government believes Spain should have strong national companies with independent decision-making power in strategic sectors such as energy.

Fernando Moraleda

This is an interesting practice in that a lot of different things - from issues due to poverty, to issues due to affluence, have an impact on our patients, ... It is a very international practice. I speak just enough Spanish to get into trouble. Dr. Csanadi speaks Hungarian.

John Neal