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180 spanish quotes follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorites!

I think Spanish media will continue to increase because of the large Spanish[-speaking] population in our country. It's a smart thing to do in the business world today.

Victor Lopez

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We had a solid routine, but we needed more tumbling. Just having watched Galena and Spanish Springs, they had all their girls out there tumbling. I think if we would have had more of that, we definitely would have been right up there.

Kerry Munk

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I would regularly hear from blue-collar workers who feared losing their jobs because they didn't speak Spanish.

Chip Rogers

Maximum chief of the Spanish army, in other words, the person responsible for the torturers.

Arnaldo Otegi

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We speak the ebonics of Spanish. The first things we learned were the numbers and cuss words.

Andrew C. Roberts

Among other things, Spanish language, culture and history are, whether some people like it or not in this area, part of the history of Louisiana. Spain is at the root of the state.

Mabel Illidge

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If you can only offer one section of Spanish V it makes scheduling difficult.

Jim Payne

Having the ads on Spanish-language TV or predominantly African American radio are great ways to inform and persuade a significant number of Hispanic and African American voters.

Ray Sullivan

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The Spanish liked cacao very much and they added water to it, also, plus other condiments, including cinnamon, cane sugar and cloves.

Paul Gepts

There has been a massive amount of students who are interested in the Spanish minor.

David Middleton

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A Moment of War: A Memoir of the Spanish Civil War.

Laurie Lee

After five years, we thought, 'Shouldn't we go the other way around and first reach out to people whose first music and language is Spanish?' ... We are taking a 180 degree change of route.

Gabriel Abaroa

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You would teach them English, and they'd teach you Spanish.

Stephanie Evans

Spanish cooking is drier, more singular, not as diffused. It's about one ingredient tasting very good, like tossing sardines with garlic and parsley and leaving it alone. Even when chefs riff on it, they don't put a lot on the plate.

Anya Von Bremzen

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We have a really excellent collection. I've been told that we have the best Spanish language collection of any library in the state. But that was a couple of years ago and some have probably caught up with us.

Carole Winkleblack

In addition to extensive familiarity with complex coverage issues, I speak fluent Spanish, often an advantage in finding out what really happened. We are looking forward to handling an increasing number of claims out of the Long Beach office, particularly cargo and trucking liability claims.

Juan Avila

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I've been teaching 22 years, and I've never been to Spain. I'm from a Spanish-speaking country, but Spain is very important.

Ilse Hartung

Those who watch it are people who are not interested in open air channels. It is an option. It is the second largest colony, followed by the Spanish.

Carlos Tebecherani Haddad

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This is an interesting practice in that a lot of different things - from issues due to poverty, to issues due to affluence, have an impact on our patients, ... It is a very international practice. I speak just enough Spanish to get into trouble. Dr. Csanadi speaks Hungarian.

John Neal

What we really concentrate on is the language that people need materials on in Marshalltown, which is Spanish. We also have a lot of bilingual materials.

Carole Winkleblack

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