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These guys actually have some degree of sophistication as far as practicing their trade. They are becoming proficient in the use of their weapons.

Ron Holvey

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There is more sophistication and less sense in New York than anywhere else on the globe.

Don Herold

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Bridget: My mum, a strange creature from the time when pickles on toothpicks were still the height of sophistication.

Bridget Jones's Diary

You hear people say that Philadelphia doesn't have corporate or banking work. The fact is that I don't think most law students really understand what banking work really is, let alone whether a firm has a good practice. And I do think Philadelphia firms need to be more clear about the sophistication level of the work they do because there are a lot of misconceptions.

Chris Beals

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It was a very large explosion, and did very extensive damage, and shows a great deal of sophistication with explosives, ... There are some similarities that we see with East Africa.

Richard Clarke

Given the sophistication of this tunnel, it's clear that the people responsible have significant resources at their disposal.

Miguel Unzueta

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This was a case of teenagers being foolish, and it blew up into a horrible nightmare. That doesn't diminish the tragedy, but there was a lack of sophistication in these acts. ... Kids tend to do things and think about them afterward.

George Reres

Because of the sophistication and apparent specialized training of the intruder, we are again concerned about the safety of the Muslim community.

Nancy Anderson

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This will bring another level of sophistication.

Mark Neff

The advent of the new communications system, which is online, allows the individual consumer to have more information faster at less expense than they have ever had before. This gives them the confidence and sophistication to manage their own money.

Joe Ricketts

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With its fine painting and its elaborate mural showing the mythic basis of kingship, the chamber has upended much of what we thought we knew about the early Maya. The mural shows that early Maya painting had achieved a high level of sophistication and grace well before the great works of the Classic Maya in the seventh century.

Bill Saturno

It adds a layer of needed sophistication to the league.

Keith Pelley

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I have always thought of sophistication as rather a feeble substitute for decadence.

Christopher Hampton

What we tried to do is take a quantum leap in sophistication and scope. It gives you a picture of the truly complex nature of what we are trying to do.

Timothy Adams

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They have reached a level of organization and sophistication that we have not seen previously. They have become incredibly savvy.

Michael Ware

When I first discovered Second Life , I was immediately impressed by the sophistication of this virtual world, especially the existence of a fully functioning, thriving economy. I look forward to being a part of its future growth.

Jonathan Seelig

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With the increasing sophistication of attacks on enterprise networks, there is a growing need to enforce health and security policies on endpoint devices and network access ports. Support from industry leaders like Nortel for Network Access Protection will provide users an easy-to-deploy model to build trusted convergence-ready networks.

Mike Schutz

The girlishness and winsomeness (of spring and summer) have given way to a very adult approach to dressing, ... It basically concentrates on a woman's curves, on sophistication, on 'getting dressed' as opposed to something casual.

Hal Rubenstein

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I was going to say Jack's a pragmatist - but that's to impute to Jack a degree of sophistication.

Charles Gordon

It is a question of Internet sophistication.

Salam Pax

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