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To be honest this is down to Sophie Mitchell, who has had him all summer.

Gary Moore

The Mid Ohio Athletic Conference teams will have some challenge facing that group. We are a young team but give credit to Sophie. We knew we would have our hands full at the plate.

Bobby Vitek

Chetek is such a giving community - we had more squirrel food than we knew what to do with last year. I know this may be a lot to ask, but we hope that folks will help us out once again with Sophie. She means so much to the residents.

Julie Odil

We just want it to be an enjoyable read for people who have read the novel. But if you're going to Paris, you could certainly retrace the steps of Sophie and Langdon.

Tim Jarrell

Stanley lived on his own for many years after his wife passed away. Stanley had a cat that was his constant companion. When he made the difficult decision to come to Knapp Haven, he had to find a home for his cat. Stanley misses that cat, but I think Sophie has filled that hole.

Julie Odil

Sophie was hitting her spots and set a good example with her senior leadership.

Jenni Davis

I have definitely seen more smiles around here since Sophie arrived. Residents who wouldn't have necessarily come to the activity room before make several trips a day to see what Sophie's doing.

Julie Odil

I've never heard her growl at anyone. She makes sure she has contact with everyone. It's strange to bring a dog into a situation like this and not have any disputes or problems; but Sophie is so good with everyone, how could you have a problem with her?

Stanley Plahn

They can't attribute this to anything natural. Something horrible happened to Sophie and that's what we're trying to determine.

Joni Geiger

Whenever you get that lonely feeling, you just head out looking for Sophie. She'll always let you scratch her ears or pet her; it takes care of the loneliness a person has in their heart.

Stanley Plahn