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There are issues of water, land, fisheries, and they are all of concern right now. Long-term, the damage to these areas is going to have significant socio-economic impact on the local livelihoods and the local fishermen in particular.

Susie Ellis

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This storm did not show any discrimination socio-economically. The water was everywhere.

Anne Milling

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Every one of these options closes the socio-economic gap - some more than others, but every one closes it to some degree.

Craig Carper

Although some workers retired at 55 because of failing health, these results clearly show that early retirement is not associated with increased survival. On the contrary, mortality improved with increasing age at retirement for people from both high and low socio-economic groups.

Shan Tsai

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Particularly with low socio-economic status, my experience is, such students never realized that testing was important.

Jim Anderson

That's where socio-economic status comes in. It's one piece of a very large picture.

Gayle Green

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Our traditional method of striking has not resolved the problem of price increases and other socio-political problems in Nigeria.

Adams Oshiomhole

It's one of those experiences that cuts across generations, across socio-economic lines. An upper-middle-class kid going to college can sit down with a cop and talk about Cocoa Puffs. There isn't one of us who hasn't tasted Cap'n Crunch or Trix or Lucky Charms or Froot Loops.

David Hoffman

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And now I hope the Health Partnership and the community will ... continue to provide health programs, ... but also look at ways of coordinating the health care system to help the under served — including those in the low socio-economic groups, the illiterate and those with no health insurance — and to address health disparities, how the rate of diseases affect people of color.

Priscilla Barnes