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The defense we're running is similar, but there's different terminology. We just have to get the terminology down and start playing it with instinct rather than reaction, getting it down and soaking it in so that when we're out there we're not thinking but just playing off our athletic ability.

Jonathan Bailes

I mean look at him, he's (105 pounds) soaking wet. But his heart is as big as this whole stadium. He wanted it more than anybody out here, and went and got it.

Tim Beck

I felt awful. Everything we had were all soaking wet. Our roof came off. Our cars were flooded.

Jeff Zimmerman

They picked me and some other neighbors up and brought us to this school. I had nothing besides what I was wearing, my wallet was soaking wet, and I had one thong shoe and one bare foot because the other shoe came off in the water.

John Brunious

I think that could take away some of the charm. Warming up on the infield grass was part of soaking up the environment.

Troy Becker

The nicotine molecule is too small to affect an immune response. By soaking it up, our carrier protein creates a molecule that is too big to break the blood-brain barrier.

Henrik Rasmussen

When he hands you his warm-ups, they are soaking wet. He works himself into a lather.

John Stout

We've been soaking everything up in this week of transition, ... The station looks quite a bit different from the last time I was here.

Leroy Chiao

Certainly, people can wait a while before burning their vegetation. We need a good, soaking rain -- really, a few, probably -- before people can breathe a little sigh of relief.

Jamie Kritzer

She's way more confident in the post than she was at the beginning of the season; she wasn't used to playing with her back to the basket. She's like a sponge, soaking up information, and we've been doing a lot of teaching with her footwork.

Stefanie Pemper

My big New Year's resolution is to be more patient. My thing is I'm always rushing myself to make sure everything gets done. My thing is to kick back a little bit ... start soaking it in now.

Kate Hudson

That was horrifying to me, to be denied service. I left with half a haircut and soaking wet hair.

Jasmin Zawada

Get in shape, and take a good map, adequate clothing and equipment and some food rations like an energy bar so you're not hungry, soaking wet or getting hurt. And always, always, let someone know where you're going to be.

Ned Miller

The first load, 50 pieces were soaking wet, ... We unframed everything, got them stable, lying flat to aerate and dry, and documented each piece with photography. We were able to save a good percentage.

Heather Becker

We're sitting on top of what very well could be an economic disaster. A lot of praying for a good soaking rain is all that can be done.

Gene Hall

All these neighborhoods that are flooded - you can't just drain it out and rebuild those houses. They're history. They've been soaking in hazardous materials for days. It's done.

Bill Sharp

I don't know about most guys. I can stay sharp even though I get a few days off like this. I'll see tomorrow, but right now I'm very calm and very relaxed about what is going on. I'm soaking it all in right now.

Bobby Jenks

I'm soaking it all in right now. I'm just trying to have some fun, eat some good food.

Jim Diaz

We can't sell a damaged stamp so we try to get them out before the people take their time soaking them.

Emma Zaiac