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There are no real reasons for the stocks to fall, but turnover stays fairly low and they are slipping.

Andre Caminada

That happens a lot -- the binding starts slipping, and by the end of the piece, one boob will spring out. I remember one number, [the binding] was coming down the whole time, and I could feel it riding down, and then the last pose of the number, they were just like, 'Boing! Hello!' I find it really hard to bind my breasts down. They're just too big.

Heather Hill

I didn't know how, but I had to fight through it. I was a little tired. He was slipping my Russian tie a little better, so I adjusted a little bit. I felt him breaking (in the third period).

Matt Hemry

If consumer spending falls, the probability of the economy slipping back into recession is very high.

Scott Hoyt

All I was thinking was that this game wasn't slipping through our fingers.

Ashley Watkins

I spent a lot of days with him in Florida during spring training. After his father died we got a lot closer. I began to see how he was slipping and the difficulty he was having coping.

Jerry Howarth

Molly is probably our most improved player over the past two seasons but she still has big strides ahead. She can cause problems by slipping behind the defense and we could see her get a few more goals as her finishing skills continue to improve.

Randy Waldrum

The bench gave us big, quality minutes. The bench was phenomenal, really. When we were slipping towards the end, John hit a couple big free-throws.

Orlando Larracuente

The market had been hoping for a strong majority for Merkel and a mandate for reforming German's economy, but her chances seem to be slipping. That's taking its toll on the euro.

Monica Fan

I'm not trying to start a controversy. She's greased-lightning and the best thing to ever happen to IRL, ... But she's not strong enough. She's wearing out. That's why she's slipping back in races.

Bobby Unser

I sincerely believe that this is the last chance to keep this island community, older than the nation itself, from slipping away into history.

Chris Rich

It was amazing to practice there. It was my first time on that turf. I was slipping a little bit, but it was a good experience.

Michael Washington

We've got a consumer out there where the confidence levels have been slipping and they're concerned about the monthly budget.

Gary Dilts

I think we realized the opportunity we had might be slipping through our fingers and we wanted this bad.

Adam Lanehart

I just thought it was slipping away before I did the clearance to go 17-14 (ahead) because Peter was playing fantastic.

Graeme Dott

Some I see daily. Some come find me when they need things. Some I find when I see they are slipping.

Anne Haverland

Both the historic resource and wilderness character were slipping away from us. We had to figure out how to compromise our divergent perspectives without compromising Cumberland Island.

Don Barger

He looked like a real good athlete. We're happy he's coming our way and not slipping out of town somewhere.

Tim Hill

Dropping the key in the box and slipping away in the night.

David C. Mccullough

When my enemies stop hissing, I shall know I'm slipping.

Maria Callas