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Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.

Ludwig van Beethoven

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I have never known a man who was sensual in his youth, who was high-minded when old.

Charles Sumner

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We were so fundamental that almost everything had been stripped away from the place of worship. Think of the role words can play, when all other enticements and sensual attractions are gone.

James Houston

There is only beauty / and it has only one perfect expression / poetry. All the rest is a lie /except for those who live by the body, love, and, that love of the mind, friendship. For me, Poetry takes the place of love, because it is enamored of itself, and because its sensual delight falls back deliciously in my soul.

Stephane Mallarme

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It's a very complex, thoughtful and aesthetically rich body of work. It's easier in a way to appreciate its sensual qualities without his humorous, yet slightly menacing presence. A lot of people who could never have coped with him when he was alive are now buying his work.

Diedrich Diederichsen

For me, starting each collection is always about what I really want, what I really need, and I was personally dying for sensual comfort. I think when you think of Donna Karan, you think of sensuality, but it's a different kind of sensuality. A kind of comfort sensuality that is one with your body and the way clothes feel (when they're) on.

Donna Karan

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Sound, sound the clarion, fill the fife! To all the sensual world proclaim. One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name.

Sir Walter Scott

This time it's much more about the sea, the sky -- vacation dressing, but in a very relaxed way. It's supposed to be very, very romantic and intensely sensual.

Vera Wang

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The way we are dancing in this show is the way you would only normally dance with your boyfriend or your husband. It's very sensual and sexual. You do get very close.

Rachel Hunter

But all art is sensual and poetry particularly so. It is directly, that is, of the senses, and since the senses do not exist without an object for their employment all art is necessarily objective. It doesn't declaim or explain, it presents.

William Carlos Williams

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