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Teachers are selfless, creative, warm people.

Alice Carter

It's so great to be honoured by your country in this way. It sends a message that if you sacrifice and have courage and commitment, you can have a positive impact in your society. The brave acts and great contributions by some of the people here show that we live in a nation that still cares and respects those who are selfless.

Lucas Radebe

They are doing a selfless act on their own time.

Kathleen Kelley

He's done a terrific job from day one. Being the general manager of a baseball team is a very difficult job. Theo gives it everything he has in a very determined measure and selfless way. And he does it with great intelligence, discipline, honesty and humility. His record of results speaks for itself.

John Henry Cardinal Newman

The willingness to volunteer is a selfless act.

Mike Doody

You have to be a selfless player. The coaches keep it real simple. It's who has the better will, as Coach would say. Where's your heart at, how important is it to you? These guys are really buying into that.

David Tyree

He obviously put his safety on the line. This was a selfless act on the part of the citizen. We believe his actions lead to the arrest of these individuals.

Dan Ferrelli

Barbara Fleischman's contributions in time and energy to this institution have been significant and selfless.

John Biggs

You begin to feel selfless now. When you become a parent, you realize that there is more to the world around. You just begin to look at things differently. You just begin to experience a whole other realm of life.

Nina Delivers Jones

It's remarkable. The guy I started with in the end was the only person that I thought actually had a sort of selfless motivation.

Stephen Gaghan

Offensive linemen are the guys on the team who are the most selfless, ... Those are the types of guys who make great coaches. Miles came out of that environment -- extremely well coached, well disciplined. When you're coaching, you look for that kind of guy.

Bill Mccartney

He had to learn how to be a selfless player. He had no structure in the past, so he was pretty raw. He went through some growing pains, but he's just getting better and better now.

Royce Huseman

James is a loving, compassionate, selfless man.

Donna Laframboise

Nash is known as a playmaker and he's the 6-foot white kid who makes it happen for everybody because he is a selfless player.

Laura Birks

The memorial must capture and convey the heroism that prevailed on September 11th, the selfless courage displayed that morning ... must be conveyed to future generations. Their story must be told.

Kevin Rampe

We are devastated by his loss, but extremely proud of his courage and bravery. He was a selfless young man who will be missed by many.

Jack Collins

He was a great guy, a great guy to work with. He was a wonderful husband and father. In that sense, it wouldn't surprise me that he would do something that was selfless.

Steve Singer

He's a Jason Leonard-type figure, one of the true gentlemen of the game. You can't lose someone like 'Wig'. He'll make a good coach because he's such a selfless bloke. He's never been dirty, he just plays the game hard and fair.

Richard Cockerill

If you're in a relationship and you want to make it work, you have to be a little selfless at times.

Montel Williams

It's all about service to others. It's really a selfless day.

Michelle Sheridan