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For other medical conditions, there are clear-cut treatment goals. For epilepsy, it is eliminating seizures. For high blood pressure, it is to reduce blood pressure to a normal range. It is equally important to clearly outline goals of treatment for depression.

Mark Zimmerman

The immediate legal issue is our Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.

Rebecca Steele

All the things he's facing now can be overcome. Seizures can't be overcome.

Dyan Grant

All that water drives down the sodium in your blood and could cause seizures.

Tae Kim

We're awfully pleased to have another tool in the arsenal. Such a large number of people continue to have seizures despite treatment. For people with difficulty to control seizures, it is important to have access to a comprehensive epilepsy center.

David Blackwell

[The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits] unreasonable searches and seizures. ... some rights have to yield to others.

Allan Wolf

I noticed since I started her in skating, she was doing very well with her seizures. At one point I mentioned it to a doctor, about dropping her out of it, because it seemed like it was too much. And she said no, that's what kids need. They need to keep busy.

Liz Bohning

Searle paid off the prosecutors by getting them fat jobs. Next came the political reward: Skinner was soon Secretary of Transportation, squelching cries of the pilots having grand mal seizures in commercial airliners from this seizure-triggering chemical, which ruined the careers of many pilots.

Betty Martini

I've seen the tears in kids. I've seen them frustrated. I see the kids go into seizures because of the anxiety of that test.

Marlene Walz

For reasons that are not understood, depression both increases the risk for developing epilepsy and is also common among people with epilepsy who experience many seizures.

Dale C. Hesdorffer

He was having seizures and was in shock. He was bleeding from his mouth, and they (an Emergency Management Agency dispatcher) told us on the phone to roll him on his side.

Anthony Farrisi

All 67 district attorneys and the state police have to keep detailed records of their drug seizures. We take that information and break it down into the 67 counties, so for each county there is a detailed record of what is seized. Copies of this are then given to the General Assembly.

Kevin Harley

But it affected his right side. It affected his speech. He was diagnosed with short-term memory. He had seizures a lot.

Diane Thomas

We had carried out a similar operation all over Britain too and made large seizures of animal skins and body parts, as well as large quantity of Chinese medicines.

Elliot Morley