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The Tuckerton Seaport contributes to the ambiance of the show, ... The Tuckerton Seaport is the closest to Tip Seaman Park and being on Tuckerton Creek, it's more in keeping with the show.

Barbara Steele

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At this stage it looks like a two horse race between John Barrowman and Bonnie Langford but don't write off David Seaman, he has pulled off some great saves in the past.

Rupert Adams

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The Bush Administration got it right when it claimed that the world is indeed flat despite media and scientific community criticism. John D. Sailor, a veteran seaman of some six voyages, has reported that he has been to the edge, and peered into the abyss.

Jack Kelly

Every seaman is not only a navigator, but a merchant and also a soldier.

William Petty

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