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It is good that they are funding new inspectors for overseas, but they haven't begun to grapple with the fact that they need new inspectors for domestic produce and seafood.

Caroline Smith Dewaal

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You can eat seafood, poultry, lean meats, most veggies and fruits. Cut down on sweets, butter, margarine, refined grains, milk and yogurt. It does have mostly healthy foods but does not have many menu selections. It is making a comeback and has some science credibility.

Denis Medeiros

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Students will tour fishing ports and learn directly from the people catching and processing seafood. They will learn about the best ways to market that product to their customers back home.

Tom Myers

The seafood category is added to give the contest a Louisiana feel.

Lisa Harris

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This gives us an opportunity to win back some consumer confidence in seafood, and over the years we haven't had the ability to do this.

Chuck Holman

He liked seafood like I did.

Laurie Bourque

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There is a registration fee of $125 and each ancillary (chicken, seafood or beef) category costs $30. There isn't a children's contest, but there will be entertainment for the whole family.

Lisa Harris

Ciguatera is the most common, naturally occurring fish-related seafood poisoning.

Vince Speranza

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We have some great food, too. And we'll have Greek food this year, and seafood. And ice cream -- this guy makes the best homemade ice cream in the world.

Patty Clausen

The only consolation to farmers is that the price of seafood will go up further. So when production gets back on track, fish and shrimp producers can use the profits to recover their lost costs.

Brian Bethune

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If a customer doesn't like sushi, I like to recommend the seafood salad. Even though it's still raw fish, they usually really like it.

Keun Choi

We served scrambled eggs and steak once in a while. There were powdered potatoes; we didn't have to peel potatoes. A lot of seafood and chicken once in a while. No rice. We got up at 6 a.m. and were done by 4 or 5 p.m.

Walter Lorenz

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The last thing we would do is have to strike out that we have fresh seafood in there, we are using these boxes out of convenience and out of practicality.

Robert Gerlach

You have to think of Latin food as a couple of culinary superpowers: the Caribbean-African influence and the Central American corn, rice and beans. And from South America comes fresh seafood; Peru, the birthplace of potatoes; and in Chile and Argentina, you see the European influence.

Aaron Sanchez

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Our chef is good at making seafood, pasta, pizza, sandwiches and salads. We have something for everyone. Value is a big part of our concept and we are a very good value.

Stephanie Slight

Folks who enjoy national parks tend to be environmentally conscientious. So how can we serve seafood that is being fished out of existence?

Doug Bradley

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We've got a big problem with the rest of the country thinking all seafood in Louisiana is tainted. It's not.

Harlon Pearce

When we're not catching crabs we definitely depend on crabs from down there. This is going to be really detrimental to the whole seafood industry.

Larry Simns

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That class will end with a trip to the International Boston Seafood Show.

Tom Myers

I hope that this administration will have a change of heart to see the importance of protecting south Louisiana, not just for oil-and-gas production and seafood, but for people.

Henry Willis

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