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Scouting is all about service and doing a good turn daily.

Jim Rees

This award goes to the best of the best. It's the people that not only devote a countless amount of hours for Scouting, but is also a recognition for their service to the community and ... to youth outside of Scouting.

Marcal Young

They were really physical and did a great job scouting us. Our defense wasn't on par tonight.

Charles Lee

The games were on Wednesday and I would drive to St. Catharines, and then drive home to fax Keenan a scouting report. Mike would use it for the practice on Thursday and the game on Friday.

Pierre Mcguire

The guys played good. They really got after it. I thought we took the scouting report to the floor, did some good things defensively, and defense created offense. We got a lot of good shots off our D.

Barret Peery

We view the NFL Scouting Combine as one of the hidden gems still left in the NFL. This is an event NFL Network believes in and will look to grow to NFL Draft-like status.

Charles Coplin

Just watching him run around in practice, seeing how fast he is, you could see how he could do that. I really respect him for what he's doing out here. We like to kid him, though, about his scouting job, wondering what he's writing about himself.

Stuart Schweigert

It really is enjoyable working with the young men and watching them learn. Scouting builds character, teamwork and leadership.

Dave Baltes

We were in the game. We were doing what we needed to do, we were paying attention to the scouting report.

Theresa Grentz

We haven't decided. We're trying to get more scouting information on both teams before we make up our minds. We're leaning toward Cargill, but we won't decide until (today).

Larry Knight

We have our scouting reports, but I expect that the pitching will be better. They come out, and they swing the bats. They are a great program historically.

Rachel Lawson

Every time we got close, they always answered the call. And the second-chance points they got were huge. Our scouting report was very accurate on how well they could jump.

Doug Conklin

It's been crazy. My cell phone has been ringing off the hook. I had to turn it off to make sure I'm focused on doing the things I need to do, like game planning and scouting and preparation.

Kerry Rupp

The scouting report was stop the big three. We didn't have an answer for the big three.

Patrick Cinotte

When I was a boy, there wasn't too many after school activities out there, like the Boy Scouts. Now scouting competes with so many things. When I was really young, the socialization was the biggest thing I learned and later the leadership skills.

Dave Baltes

Obviously, it starts with Jared. That's where our scouting report started. But he got 16 and 10. That's just how good he is.

Tommy Dempsey

We're just trying to break down those barriers and make sure the program is as good as any other [Scouting] program.

Joe Arnold

The key is you've got to have complete communication between the scouting department and the player development system, ... There's a game plan for each and every person who comes into our system. We talk about the players and what we would like them to do, then communicate that to all the instructors, managers and coaches so everybody is on the same page.

Roy Clark

McKinley was here tonight scouting us and I'm quite sure they saw some things they felt they could take advantage of.

Steve Arnold

You look at a (scouting) report and you still worry about Tim. But I think the main concern now is No. 9 (Parker) in the open court.

Mario Elie