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A scone is so easy to take with you. We can easily put it in a pastry bag and they can eat it on the way to work. It's not going to crumble all over. There's no paper wrapping like a muffin, and it's also not as messy as a sticky bun.

Jamie Golladay

We pride ourselves on using whole ingredients, and I think it's the fat factor that elevates a scone beyond a biscuit. That and the little bit of love we put into each one.

Dan Einstein

Use a light touch. It's almost like making a scone. Knead it a few times until you form a ball, pop it into the oven, and you're ready to enjoy it.

Patsy Jamieson

We've sweetened them up considerably. They have a lot more sugar and flavor in them than the traditional scone.

Laurie Steed