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I had a feeling the coaches were scheming something.

Dante Ross

Without Richard, that put a toll on us. Teams started scheming us differently. They didn't have that X factor to worry about. Teams try to run away from him, double him and everything, and that allows the other defensive linemen to make a lot of plays.

Vince Wilfork

We need to block better and do a better job scheming.

John Harbaugh

The first thing we're looking to do is change the way we're playing. Play better, block better, be more physical, do a better job of scheming. That's what we need to do.

John Harbaugh

Cover and tradecraft are the only forms of protection one has and to have that stripped away because of political scheming is the moral equivalent to exposing forward deployed military units.

Arthur Brown

It's always two scheming to get the other one. You have to keep the pressure and the stress level down because when the coaches have stress, that translates right onto the floor.

Mark Franke

They don't arrive at the Commons fully formed. But they're more formed than they used to be. They don't just sit there for 10 years. They're all immediately scheming and positioning.

Simon Hughes

Women are natural guerrillas. Scheming, we nestle into the enemy's bed, avoiding open warfare, watching the options, playing the odds.

Sally Kempton