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I don't know that this was a Nigerian scam, ... This is a mutating form of extortion that has been going on since the 1970s. It used to be conducted through letters, but now with the Web, it's getting more sophisticated.

Bruce Mckay

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An AT&T Service Technician will never ever call you and ask you to punch buttons into your phone. This is a scam.

Aaron Bedy

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It leads me to believe it was a scam, that he was trying to take everything I had.

Mary Jackson

Clearly we don't want those families to be taken advantage of by scoundrels or scam artists.

Jennifer M. Granholm

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There's a scam for everyone, and that means everyone is a potential victim.

Susan Grant

Don't let yourself get involved in a tax scam or be victimized by one. Be very careful who you trust for tax advice and who you trust with your personal information.

Dan Boone

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There's no potential scam involved. I'm auctioning it to raise money for relief.

Josh Kaplan

Campaigns like this show how important it is for everyone to know how to spot a scam. They don't just target the gullible and the greedy. A scam artist can fool anyone.

Gerry Sutcliffe

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Everyday we're probably learning new things that people are doing on the internet to scam people.

Tom Pappas

A scam carried out by our state government is no less a scam. And ads from the North Carolina Lottery Commission which will no doubt entice people to fork over hard-earned cash on empty promises of instant riches would conflict with our efforts to give readers honest and accurate information.

Bart Adams

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[George] Hannibal ... Now who did you scam to spring for this little extravaganza?

George Peppard

We've seen an explosion of this scam this year.

Nancy Mathis

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This was obviously a scam devised to get Indians to part with funds. Native Americans are new to dealing with politics and we are trying to build relationships so we can better our communities and our quality of life for our people. On this one issue of gaming we need a legislative fix.

Cheryl Downing

It would be naive for a buyer to assume that's because it's a long way away that these vehicles haven't made it to our state. Likely there are less here than in areas close to New Orleans. But if you were a scam artist, why not go as far away as you can where they're not thinking about it.

Karl Newman

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Everything about the Internet makes it perfect for criminals bent on perpetrating a scam.

Susan Grant

We're asking the judge in this case to stop the promoter from promoting their particular scam. We also (are) asking for the liability to be paid back.

Cynthia Magnuson

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It's another hoodoo to scam Martin County. It looks like they are going to structure themselves like a town.

Lloyd Brumfield

The whole thing is a scam designed by friends of the athletic booster clubs. The expense is being transferred from the booster club and athletic department to the state treasurer.

John Sanders

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I smell a scam here.

Dipankar Mukherjee

That's not a reason unto itself to conclude that that's a scam Web site , but it is a reason to be cautious.

Chris Swecker

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