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They decided to conduct their training at the Oroville Airport because it has open areas and a large runway in order to do training on emergency maneuvers and do touch and go's, ... the plane they were flying, a 2002 American Champion Super Decathlon, is designed for advanced aerobatics, and both pilots had extensive experience.

John Kuhn

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It is not the runway length that's the issue. Runways are either adequate or they're not.

Bernard Loeb

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A recognition that runway safety should remain a top priority.

Jim Peters

Last year, we had to get snow off the airport runway.

Terry Skorstad

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We expect to have the information soon. A lot of issues involving the runway and runway safety are being looked at.

Keith Holloway

There are some areas close to the runway at the airport, along the river and a couple of areas in an industrial park, ... There is basically zilch for places they will be able to live.

Barry Arnold

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That's a foot higher over her PR, so this was a good day. For us it was an opportunity to get back on grass and a good runway.

Darrell Langford

Eventually, a second runway at the airport needs to be developed. But we don't have a runway constraint at present. We don't have an airspace constraint. We simply need more international gates.

Ben Baldanza

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Usually it's about five minutes of taxi time from the runway to the gate when we're now allowing folks to use the phone.

David Messing

It just happened, ... You can't plan for it but just build the runway and hope to God the muse rises.

Felicity Huffman

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I was very nervous because it took a lot longer to get down the runway than we predicted.

Sir Richard Branson

While driving the fuel truck around the airport, the highlight of my day would be when a military fighter jet seemingly appeared out of nowhere and made a high-speed low pass over the runway.

Richard Webb

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There are no skid marks on the runway.

Bill Polick

It's not a place you can be a little off. You don't have the variable of a long runway to correct any errors.

Richard Ward

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A stunningly capable performer, it possesses runway-model looks, an unmatched pedigree, and build quality the equal of any series production luxury automobile. It's the best Ferrari ever made.

Robert Ross

I'm real hopeful that there can be some real strides forward towards getting the runway reopened.

Warren Wenz

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As we continue to add more capacity with the runway projects, we will ask the FAA to take a look at voluntary flight reductions and roll them back.

Roderick Drew

This report is extremely misleading. The justification for lengthening the runway doesn't make any sense.

John Whitescarver

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There was no indication that the runway was wet and they have no indications of any problems at all with the plane.

Herb Kelleher

We have indications that he did land perhaps a bit long on the runway.

Réal Levasseur

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