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They decided to conduct their training at the Oroville Airport because it has open areas and a large runway in order to do training on emergency maneuvers and do touch and go's, ... the plane they were flying, a 2002 American Champion Super Decathlon, is designed for advanced aerobatics, and both pilots had extensive experience.

John Kuhn

Shorten the runway and you have fewer takeoffs and landings, shorten the runway and you enhance safety and reduce the noise, ... It also reduces the justification for the buyout as it is now being proposed.

David Shore

We didn't know actually where we were going until we were on the runway. They said, 'Arizona.' OK, Arizona. Everybody has been wonderful here.

Doyle Smith

A recognition that runway safety should remain a top priority.

Jim Peters

'Project Runway' was my guilty pleasure while my son was napping or nursing.

Debra Messing

We expect to have the information soon. A lot of issues involving the runway and runway safety are being looked at.

Keith Holloway

After he crossed the runway, the mechanic acknowledged that he should not have crossed the runway.

Jim Peters

That's a foot higher over her PR, so this was a good day. For us it was an opportunity to get back on grass and a good runway.

Darrell Langford

We are sending investigators because O'Hare had two major runway incursions in one week.

Lauren Peduzzi

Usually it's about five minutes of taxi time from the runway to the gate when we're now allowing folks to use the phone.

David Messing

We're giving pilots a black runway.

John Duval

I was very nervous because it took a lot longer to get down the runway than we predicted.

Sir Richard Branson

We were going to have to spend money on safety extensions regardless of runway expansion, and we were able to get the funding to accomplish both.

Noah Lagos

There are no skid marks on the runway.

Bill Polick

The causes are numerous. One of the areas is insufficient concrete, insufficient runway length and the lack of safety areas on some existing airports that we have today.

John Cox

A stunningly capable performer, it possesses runway-model looks, an unmatched pedigree, and build quality the equal of any series production luxury automobile. It's the best Ferrari ever made.

Robert Ross

Richard's collection is truly runway-ready. We hope our customers will enjoy our new look just as much as we do.

Joanne Smith

As we continue to add more capacity with the runway projects, we will ask the FAA to take a look at voluntary flight reductions and roll them back.

Roderick Drew

When you're on the runway getting ready to go on the Coliseum field, you think about all the big events that have been held there, all the great athletes who have competed there.

Keith Burns

There was no indication that the runway was wet and they have no indications of any problems at all with the plane.

Herb Kelleher