Trying to squash a rumor is like trying to unring a bell.

Shana Alexander

Dad, I'm in some trouble. There's been an accident and you're going to hear all sorts of things about me from now on. Terrible things.

Edward M. Kennedy

Mainly, it was just a hype rumor.

Lastings Milledge

There's a rumor floating around that we're misleading the public.

Barry Miller

We all thought it was a huge rumor.

Anjali Sharma

There are rumors that Bank of Montreal may be broken up and sold. It sounds like it may be a consortium of people. You wouldn't be surprised that the Royal Bank bought their banking operation and their brokerage arm might go to a foreign entity. That's the rumor.

Tom Green

It is something hanging over your head. You come every day with the rumor, and you don't know if you have a job or not.

Ricky Short

We were excited when we were told and we hoped it wasn't another piece of the rumor mill. No one's been happy with the big cloud of doubt hanging over the resort and rumors flying around.

Bob James

The dummy races are always popular. People get graded for how clever and original the dummy is, how well it goes down the hill and how spectacular the crash is -- it goes over a ski jump. Rumor has it that one of the dummies will look like me this year.

Chuck Shepard

The market did react quite negatively to the dollar as this rumor triggered speculation this administration may be giving up its strong dollar policy.

Paresh Upadhyaya

I want to state for the record, unequivocally: Michael Jackson has not sold Neverland. He is not moving to Europe. That is a rumor.

Raymone Bain

Right now there's a risk in signing any baseball player, whether or not there's been a rumor about him or not. There's a dark cloud over the entire sport.

Jeff Chown

The rumor was the major catalyst today that caused [Yahoo] stock to move.

Jeff Fieler

Wall Street was steadier overnight and Hutchison has denied a share placement rumor, so the market rebounds.

Alan Pau

Let me put to rest the rumor that missiles are going to be flying everywhere by accident.

John Koskinen

All I remember - I don't actually remember or know what night it was I talked to him but I assume it was that night because he did mention that the rumor was out that we were getting ready to file a charge of Oswald being part of an international conspiracy, and I told him that that was not going to be done.

Henry Wade

The rumor was I was being kicked out. But I have a lifetime lease. So I went down and talked with them and they said they weren't. They said they were happy to have me here.

Johnny Grant

About a year ago we heard the same rumor again, so Julie and I met with Norman and Hal, and other people at Concord, just to get acquainted. At our first meeting, they expressed great respect and appreciation. When they finally acquired Fantasy, we figured the time was right to see if we could work together.

John Fogerty

I'd heard the rumor and tried to reach Dallas by telephone.

Richard Sanchez

One of the board members came up to a co-worker and myself after the meeting and said 'Your union should have come up with this proposal two months ago,' ... Two months ago they told us it was a rumor so why would we have given them a proposal?

Leslie Phillips