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They could also receive a matching grant from Rotary District 6930 to help their efforts.

Betsy Owen

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A rotary blade on a mower is hammering a grass blade. If the blade is sharp, there's less tearing and better healing. It's like I ask people: Would you rather have someone make an incision on you with a scalpel or a chain saw? That's the difference.

Bob Dale

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All the work will be done by the Sierra Vista Rotary West Club.

Dan Abrams

The gloom-and-doom predictions about service clubs dying are overblown. There is no way that a club like Rotary is going to go away.

Len Ruggiero

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Finding the host families is her biggest challenge. She brings a tireless effort toward saving the lives of babies and children. She inspires everyone in the [Rotary] Club with her energy and enthusiasm.

James Ryan

If (Rotary) wasn't doing this project, where would they end up? In the dump.

Richard Peterson

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Once I did interviews with her family and got all of the medical information that I needed, I started to write letters to the Suffolk County Rotary. Luckily, within a few months, they picked her.

Cecilia Carroll

The problem is the rotary. We think, in most instances, (getting rid of the rotary) will cure the problem.

John O'brien

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The Rotary motto has been, for years, 'Service above self,' and from what I've learned about the Sheriff's Office, that's what they're all about.

Jim Green

The purpose of the scholarship is to bridge the (culture) gap. I know he will bring our culture to Australia, and some of their culture back to us. When we interviewed him, Ted had that international flair (that the Rotary Club looks for). I have watched him grow from a shy man into a leader and confident young man.

Ann Kennedy

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This was a no-brainer. It fits right in with what rotary is all about in providing a service to the community.

Mike Dennis