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We're out to see the folks. The campaign is about the people. I wonder if you'll see Bob Riley handing out campaign yard signs.

Chip Hill

That was much better - I was pleased with the point. Their keeper Dan Riley saved them late on with a string of good saves.

Martin Hodge

He recovered and showed himself a leader, particularly during Katrina. Alabama escaped the chaos with FEMA that Mississippi and Louisiana had, and Riley was able to reclaim his glitter.

Byrdie Larkin

We got killed on the boards, Cheryl Ford, Ruth (Riley), Plenette (Pierson), Swin (Cash) everyone killed us on the boards.

Tamika Catchings

In general throughout the season, Riley was our leader on and off the course. The 79s are not something he'd like. He had less than adequate two days of putting, but otherwise he struck the ball very well.

Brad Andera

I remember the first show Riley was involved in. She was showing one of my dogs. The dog became very nervous and agitated before the competition. Riley had read in a book that if you wrapped a dog and cradled him, he'll relax. Riley took a ribbon out of her hair, wrapped the pup in it, and cradled him a little. The dog calmed down instantly.

Mary Fedder

As far as the team goes, other than Riley, we left some strokes out on the course today. We'll get back after it, starting in Pierre on Monday.

Brad Andera

Riley Norton is wrestling better than I have seem him ever. He is coming out of his shell. It's great to see him come around like that, he is coming around at the right time.

Jared Digmann

We are grateful to Tony Riley for his dedication and hard work and look forward to his continuing contributions as our vice president of finance.

Jo Major

I'm really happy for Riley. The fact that he was able to go out and win the ESD, that's a pretty big accomplishment.

Brad Andera

They all played well. It was really an offensive game. Probably 90 % of the game was offensive and they (Greening and Riley) were in the right place at the right time.

Bill Bestwick

Brett could play, but there's no sense in risking it. This gives Clay and Riley a chance to do some things.

Phil Mason

The tax base provides community services, whether it be fire protection or snow removal or police support, and out here on a federal installation like Fort Riley, those services are provided so we don't need a tax base to generate any kind of income.

Larry Mcgee

What sets Riley apart is her willingness to learn and her desire to win. In a competition, she wants to do well. If she doesn't, she feels like she's let the dogs down somehow.

Mary Fedder

Good feelings, man. Coach [Pat] Riley, he gave me a shot. He believed in me, he stuck with me. And from there, I've had a good career so far. I have all the thanks in the world for these guys down here.

Malik Allen

Gov. Riley has been discussing and will continue to discuss this issue with legislators.

Jeff Emerson

The growth of Fort Riley is rather overwhelming, but if you keep a positive attitude and know you're going to get through the end of it, it's the opportunity of a lifetime.

Larry Mcgee

Riley is the kind of kid who likes challenges like that. He's always willing to step in and give it a shot.

Herb Harris

Riley really played well. We did what we had to do to win. There were times when we let our guard down, but Riley kept us in it.

Jon Cooper

It's definitely the religion-oriented Republicans versus those motivated by money, ... Riley will raise more money, but I don't think money will be the answer because people will vote with their hearts.

William Stewart