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We're out to see the folks. The campaign is about the people. I wonder if you'll see Bob Riley handing out campaign yard signs.

Chip Hill

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I thought it was great for Fort Riley. You know a lot of these troops have just come back from Iraq and they'll have a big parade out there. It'll be a nice event.

Pat Livingston

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We got killed on the boards, Cheryl Ford, Ruth (Riley), Plenette (Pierson), Swin (Cash) everyone killed us on the boards.

Tamika Catchings

And Gov. Riley has worked ever since then to implement it.

Jeff Emerson

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In general throughout the season, Riley was our leader on and off the course. The 79s are not something he'd like. He had less than adequate two days of putting, but otherwise he struck the ball very well.

Brad Andera

He (Riley) was especially proud to show his support for President Bush today as he sets out to do for the rest of the nation what Gov. Riley has already begun here in Alabama - investing money where it counts, in the classroom.

Josh Blades

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Riley Norton is wrestling better than I have seem him ever. He is coming out of his shell. It's great to see him come around like that, he is coming around at the right time.

Jared Digmann

I wanted no part of politics. And I wasn't in Berlin to compete against any one athlete. The purpose of the Olympics, anyway, was to do your best. As I'd learned long ago from Charles Riley, the only victory that counts is the one over yourself.

Jesse Owens

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I'm really happy for Riley. The fact that he was able to go out and win the ESD, that's a pretty big accomplishment.

Brad Andera

He's probably being asked about every case that's open and of a sex-related matter. To say he is a suspect in the Riley Fox case is inaccurate.

Pat Barry

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Brett could play, but there's no sense in risking it. This gives Clay and Riley a chance to do some things.

Phil Mason

It appears, and not unexpectedly, that Bob Riley is the man to beat.

Keith Nicholls

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What sets Riley apart is her willingness to learn and her desire to win. In a competition, she wants to do well. If she doesn't, she feels like she's let the dogs down somehow.

Mary Fedder

I actually called coach Doherty, coach Williams and Pat Riley to call on my behalf.

Rex Walters

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Gov. Riley has been discussing and will continue to discuss this issue with legislators.

Jeff Emerson

Riley ordered him to drop the knife and drop to the ground, and the suspect refused to do so, forcing Riley to fire in self-defense.

Stephen Campbell

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Riley is the kind of kid who likes challenges like that. He's always willing to step in and give it a shot.

Herb Harris

I wouldn't say that was the turning point in the game. Riley had to make a lot of good saves in the game. If I had to describe our effort (Saturday) I would say it was less than inspiring. We didn't play well but I can't complain too much, we're up a game.

Jim Ingram

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Riley really played well. We did what we had to do to win. There were times when we let our guard down, but Riley kept us in it.

Jon Cooper

I'm happy Pat Riley is giving him a chance, that he didn't give me, to live his legacy out and play one more year. I'm waiting for that phone call just to do that.

Tim Hardaway

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